Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Chill Out With Nature

Well, to begin with, you have to know that the hotel rates are different based on seasons – low season, peak season and super peak season. It is advisable to visit the rolling hills during low season (weekdays) to avoid paying extra for accommodation. During super peak season (weekends, public holidays and school holidays), the rates are much higher (sometimes triple the normal rates). On top of that, the congestion is really bad and sometimes, you might get stuck in the traffic for a few hours especially if you are driving from Brinchang to Kea Farm. Please be reminded that toilets might not be available in some part of the winding road, hence, drink less water during your journey. In addition, the farms and nurseries are crowded with tourists from all over Malaysia and Singapore.


Playing mah-jong in the apartments with your friends and families would be ideal within the cooling weather or enjoy a meal of warm steamboat. All the different types and styles of steamboats are described in detail here while you can find out where to savour the best steamboat dishes around Cameron Highlands

Hotel & Accommodations Guide


On Budget?

For travellers without transportation, the best option available is to book accommodations around Brinchang and Tanah Rata. This is due to the fact that Brinchang and Tanah Rata are the biggest towns in Cameron. Hence, shops, restaurants and other facilities are within walking distance. On top of that, if you want to travel to attractions, you can simply hire a cab or take a bus at the terminal nearby.

Cameron Top Hotels & Apartments


If you are travelling to Cameron Highlands during peak season, it is best to book your accommodation before you travel to the destination. Rooms are usually fully booked during holidays. It is best to book at least a month prior to your vacation. Booking a five-star hotel is an easy task for all you have to do is to book online.

Hotel De La Ferns cameron highlands


Online prices at those renown hotel booking websites may initially look cheaper but that does not include tax and commissions. The final price is normally ten percent more expensive than booking directly with hotels. For some you provide your credit card details to allow them to confirm your reservation. And if you want to cancel the bookings, call them in advance because they’ll refund you (although the hotels may charge a specific amount for the cancellation fee).


Tips for Travellers


Tour Companies

You can find a handful of travel and tour companies around Cameron Highlands such as C.S.Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd and Cameron Travel & Tours. Feel free to join any of the tours offered – countryside tour, adventure tour, amazing Rafflesia tour, agro tour, rainforest tour and sunshine tour. There are plenty of stalls and shop selling a variety of the usual keep sake Cameron items, rare and quirky handicrafts. Among some of the must visit shops and stalls are CT Craft Centre in Brinchang, Yung Seng Souvenir Shop in Tanah Rata, Multicrops Central Market and Kea Farm. Prices of souvenirs and local products are reasonable. Some of the more popular souvenirs are tea products, pearl corn, strawberry items such as fridge magnet, balloons and key chains.


One can easily travel to Cameron Highlands by public transport or just drive. The best way to travel and visit all the attractions such as farms, nurseries, apiary and plantations is by driving to Cameron Highlands. Bear in mind that it can be hard to find a parking space around Brinchang during peak season. However, for those without transportation, fret not because you can always hire a cab to get from one destination to another. But then again, it is best to join a tour to cover all the attractions in Cameron Highlands rather than hiring a cab because the taxis here do not use meter.

Traffic in Cameron Highlands

Those who travel to Cameron Highlands have always wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and that includes congestion. However, tourists often complained about the traffic situation during peak seasons in Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm because some were trapped in the traffic for hours without moving an inch. If you really want to avoid the traffic, spend your vacation during weekdays. But then again, if you happen to visit the majestic mountains during public holidays and weekends, try not to drive along the road to Kea Farm during lunch hours. And when the night comes, take a leisurely walk to the famous Brinchang night market instead of driving.

About Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a highland area found about 121 km east of Ipoh and about 214 km north of Kuala Lumpur, in Pahang, Malaysia. At five thousand ft ( 1,500 m ) above sea level it’s the highest area on the mainland, enjoys a cool climate, with temperatures no higher than twenty-five C and infrequently falls below 12C all year. Cameron Highlands is really a district in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur though the road entrance is through Tapah and Simpang Pulai in the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan. Cameron Highlands district is next to Lipis district on the south-east, Kelantan on the north and Perak on the west.

The dimensions of the entire Cameron Highlands district is approximately 2 and 1 / 4 times the scale of Singapore. The Highlands were named after William Cameron, a UK colonial central authority surveyor who discovered the plateau during a mapping expedition in 1885. The celebrity of Cameron Highlands then grew in the colonial age when English planters realized the prospects of its fruitful mountain slopes for growing tea, then a cherished commodity. Cameron Highlands is still home to several tea plantations, being Malaysia’s biggest tea-producing area.

With its many farms the area is often referred to as a major supplier of legumes and veg to both Malaysia and Singapore, and is one of Malaysia’s prime tourist destinations. Aside from the cool weather, main attractions in Cameron Highlands include a butterfly farm, strawberry farms, rose gardens and plant gardens. There are the Brinchang Hindu Churches and the Sam Poh Chinese Mahayana Buddhist Church . Other features include Cactus Point, Cactus Valley and the BOH Tea Plantation. There’s Market Square, the Cameron Highlands Time Tunnel Galeria ( at nearby Kea Farm ) and accommodation at the Kampung Taman Sedia Homestay, Tanah Rata and The Smokehouse Hotel.

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18 Holes Golf Course

Cameron Highlands is also an ideal weekend retreat for avid golfers. The highlands has recorded high numbers of business traveller-cum-golfers throughout the year. Cameron Highlands Golf Course which is ideally located between the town of Tanah Rata and Brinchang is phenomenal with the 18-hole par-71. Avid golfers can spend the whole day playing golf while enjoying the fresh air and picturesque majestic mountains surrounding the golf course.

Tasty Breakfast & STEAMBOAT


Cameron Highlands is a beautiful and diverse province of Malaysia, perfect for a relaxing getaway, where you will have the chance to see rural rolling hills, but also visit some of the popular tourist sites such as the butterfly farm, as well as trying new and exotic food.

Malaysia is home to fragrant and ethnic food. One dish which the Cameron Highlands is known for is the Charcoal Steamboat or Hot Pot. A gas fire boils a pot of chicken soup or chilli broth for more of a kick.  You will notice this type of pot has very tall chimneys as they are designed to avoid the ash from dropping onto the soup surrounding it and disseminate heat evenly. Unlike gas pots, this the intensity of the fire cannot be adjusted which means you might have to dine faster.



Reputed as a paradise for nature lovers, Cameron Highlands offer more than just flower gardens and dense mossy forest. Due to its cool weather, Cameron Highlands is a suitable hub to grow a wide variety of plants.


Botanists can expect the unique venus fly traps and pitcher plants in the nurseries grown throughout Cameron Highlands. It is a good idea for local visitors to purchase potted plants that come in all sorts of sizes and shapes as souvenirs (it is a bad idea for international visitors because after all, you have to travel by plane back to your country).

You can get the plants at reasonable prices from Fragrance Nursery located just before you reach Kea Farm, 2 km after Brinchang town. Besides the sweet and juicy strawberries in Cameron Highlands, look out for high quality honey and bee pollen at some of the famous honey bee farms such as Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm and Tringkap Bee Farm.

One of the main reasons that draw locals and foreigners to the highlands is its cool climate all-year round thus suitable for all kinds of activities including jungle trekking without breaking into sweat. Generally, the highlands can be pretty cold when the darkness falls. Hence, remember to bring extra clothing (sweater or wind breaker) along especially if you are taking a leisurely walk to the famous Brinchang nightmarket.

Read about local weather before embarking your trip to Cameron

The Pasar Malam or Night Market at Cameron Highlands is located in Brinchang town. It comes alive at night and is one of the most popular places in Cameron Highlands. The Pasar Malam provides the perfect shopping place for those who like to buy some local produce, traditional food stuff and just about any other items needed during your stay here.

Sightseeing Spots you can’t missed out in Cameron Highlands

While the most common and more popular activities for tourists here are to visit the tea plantations and vegetable farms, there are several must-see attractions that everyone who comes here should experience.

Capture some of the most excellent scenes you can ever find.

Camping & Jungle Trekking

If you like nature and one who like to take jungle walks and enjoy the sights of natural surroundings, then you are in for a treat in Cameron Highlands. This is where you can enjoy the cold air of the highlands while appreciating the amazing and spectacular sights of the rich rainforests of Malaysia.

If you are the more adventurous type, you can head out to the thick forests and jungles located around Cameron Highlands. There you will find a very fulfilling vacation as you can go camping, visit the waterfalls, hiking on the trails and even exploring into the jungle, among many others.


The Mossy Forest is a great place to refresh and rejuvenate especially for those who like nature. As the name implies, Mossy Forest takes you deep into the jungle where the sight is something to behold and appreciate. It would be an ideal place to visit for those who would like to enjoy the fresh air while being in the midst of some of the most beautiful landscapes around here.

There is a jungle trail here where you can view the rich flora and fauna in their natural habitat which is clouded with mist and fog. Furthermore, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful sights around Gunung Brinchang along the way.

Cameron Highlands Townships

Brinchang is the main tourist town in Cameron Highlands. You’ll find abundant of budget accommodations, eateries and the famous night market here. However, those with vehicles will face difficulties in finding a parking spot because the hotels are located in the shop lots. Traffic can also be a problem because of the night market. Since the distance between Brinchang and Kea Farm are only around 10 minutes, this small township is highly recommended for those who would like to shop. Police station, post office and the two petrol stations (Shell and Petronas) arejust around the corner.

On the other hand, Tanah Rata is less crowded thus, suitable for backpackers and those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Guesthouses, inns and lodges are within the main road of Tanah Rata. The new bus and taxi terminals are right in front of the beautifully designed park. The one and only Starbucks Coffee is located along the stretch of Tanah Rata main road. There are a couple of banks within the vicinity such as HSBC, Maybank, Hong Leong, BSN and Agrobank.