Cameron Highlands Golf Course Online

World-class golf facilities are being offered by Cameron Highlands Golf Course or Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah. It is built in tranquil area with open plain green landscapes and mature trees along the boundaries of the golf course. Cameron Highlands Golf Course was built since the British occupancy.

Cameron Highlands Golf Course provides the golf course of 18 holes which are enough to give a non-beatable challenge to any spiritual player. The area of this golf course is so large that you can take long shots. The course offers peaceful environment which helps the player to concentrate on the game.

Nothing beats golfing in the hilltop

Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah was refurbished in 2012. It has one of the best turf in Malaysia. The golf course is a very renowned golf course club among locals and tourists and its the favourite course of Sultan of Pahang due to its world class facilities.

Cameron Highlands Golf Course is developed by the team of renowned class of engineers with high technological skills. Its state-of-the-art beautiful grassland with high and low slopes enhances the joy of playing the game.

It is one of the finest made golf-course available in Malaysia. It is located at the prime location of the hilltop where you will get the famous renowned hotels, resorts, café house near by it.

Luxury facilities for club members

The members of Cameron Highlands Golf Course or Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah enjoy the various types of luxurious facilities which raise the standards of lifestyle. To become the member of this golf club is very easy and hassle free.

You just have to take the reference of any players who is already having the membership of this club. The joining and monthly fee is very reasonable and affordable which is about RM1000 and RM60 per month respectively.

What many people do not know is that the Cameron Highlands Golf Club, otherwise known as the Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah (KGSAS) is probably one of the oldest golf courses in Malaysia. The course has an 18-hole par 71, 6101-meters course located 5000 meters above sea level.

There is the facility of changing room with separate wardrobes for each member. The equipment offered at the changing room is nothing short of world-class standards where you can take a shower or just wind down after a long day at the golf course.

Golfers’ Cafe

If you are looking to have a cup of tea and enjoy the view of the surroundings, the Golfers café is a good restaurant available inside the golf course. Here, you can enjoy freshly-brewed tea which is what Cameron Highlands is known for. In fact, you can even go for a full meal or just take in the breathtaking views with pastries and snacks. Wi-fi connectivity is also there to facilitate the members of the club to surf the internet using their own mobile devices and other digital gadgets.

Nestled in the highlands

What makes the KGSAS such a major attraction among golfers is that it is nestled in the beautiful and scenic location in Cameron Highlands. The drive to the highlands from Kuala Lumpur will take about 4 hours. Located between the townships of Tanah Rata and Brinchang, Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah is strewn with cowgrass on the fairways and Serangoon on the greens, caddy services are available daily at an affordable fee.

Golf course structure

The features of this world-class golf course are as follow:

  • Par: 71
  • Fairways: Cowgrass
  • Green: Serangoon
  • Walking course
  • Course rating: 131 (Blue)
  • Slope: 69.4 (Blue)
  • Par 5: 4 holes
  • Par 4: 9 holes
  • Par 3: 5 holes
  • Out: 2941 meters, In: 2638 meters, Total: 5579 meters

What you need to know is the rate and price when you play here. They are as below:

  • Golf Cart Rental: RM50.00 per day
  • Golf Set: For 9 or 8 days and all-day golfing starting from RM40.00 per day
  • Golf Shoes: RM30 per day
  • Umbrellas: RM20 per day

If you need caddy services, they are as follow:

  • Class ‘A’ = RM 10.00 for 9 holes
  • Class ‘A’ = RM 20.00 for 18 holes
  • Class ‘B’ = RM 8.00 for 9 holes
  • Class ‘B’ = RM 16.00 for 18 holes

Layout and attraction of KGSAS

The highlands of Cameron Highlands Golf Course have very fine green grass of the same height which means you can enjoy paralleled and consistent shots. It is a very renowned golf course club among the people due to its world-class facilities and has been getting good remarks day after day. This is the best place for golf in Malaysia. The memories of this place will never demolish from your life. Once you taste the experience of being here you will always want to come back here time and again.

As of 2018, KGSAS has been given a makeover with new greens. However, the price for playing here remains the same which means you can now enjoy a whole new golfing experience without needing to pay more than you did previously.

Playing at KGSAS

The Cameron Highlands Golf Course gives you a surprising pleasure of playing the wonderful game of golf in a wonderful environment. You will hardly find a better place than the Cameron Highlands Golf Course on the horizon of Malaysia. The staff members and the managing team is also very co-operative and provide satisfactory services to the people. So, Cameron Highlands Golf Course is here for you to explore the serenity of playing golf in such a serene environment. Join the club and register as a member now. Register online with us and through our online application form where you can experience a high approval rate with membership fees from as low as RM110 per month.

Getting to KGSAS and playing golf here

KGSAS is located between the 2 major towns in Cameron Highlands namely, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Established in 1952, the golf course is open for players every day of the week. From either part of the towns, getting here would take about 10 minutes by car depending on the traffic and the time of the year. It would be advisable to come here during the low-peak periods as traffic is better and it is less crowded both in the towns and within the golf course itself.

To say the least, KGSAS is very golfer-friendly. The operation hours of Cameron Highlands Golf Course are very flexible keeping in mind the conveniences of the people. You can play golf by coming early in the morning as well as late in the evening. You need not change your busy schedule to nourish your hobby of playing the golf. This is done so that golfers get to enjoy their game as and when they need to.