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Fragrance Nursery

Fragrance Nursery

If you are a flower and nature lover, then Fragrance Nursery along the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm is the perfect destination for you. This wholesaler and supplier for Cameron potted plants is covered with abundant of fragrant and colourful flowers such as lavender, rosemary, orchids, chrysanthemum and roses. Besides the abundant flowers for sale, the nursery also offers best quality landscape design services to clients. Yew Garden is among one of their satisfied customers.

The nursery has been operating for more than 25 years but only began growing grapes in the last few years. Currently, the nursery focuses on expanding grape vines project. Growing grapes in the cool and hilly mountain is rewarding due to the cold weather all-year round. This site located along the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm has plenty of potted plants for sale. The nursery has two other farming areas within Cameron Highlands specializing in growing more than 100 types of flowers.

Customers can request for special flowers a few months in advance by giving them a call to place your orders. So now that you have learned about this Fragrance Nursery, it gives you another reason to come back to Cameron Highlands.

Supplier of Cameron Highlands potted plants, orchid, cactus, strawberry, grapes and more.

Batu 41, Jalan Kea Farm,
39100 Cameron Highlands.

Tel: 05 – 496 1655


  • specialised in potted plants
  • wholesale and retail
  • over 300 types of plants to choose from
Bt 41, Jalan Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39100
Cameron Highlands,
05-4961655, 0125225021, 0123179583