Mountain Strawberry Farm


Mountain Strawberry Farm is located along the road leading to Mount Brinchang which is winding and narrow. Nestled amidst the cool hilly mountain is the scenic Mountain Strawberry Farm located about 4 kilometres from Mount Brinchang.

Since our farm is located off the main road, you can expect a tranquil and less crowded farm. In that sense, visitors are free to stroll and roam around the big and beautiful farm unsupervised. Since most other strawberry farms are often crowded with visitors, you are expected to pay a small amount of deposit before going into the farm to pick and pluck strawberries. However, you’ll definitely love Mountain Strawberry Farm because our staffs are warm and helpful while visitors can simply ask for scissors and buckets at the counter then you are set free to explore the farm to pick sweet and big strawberries.

Cut your own vegetable

Our farm began growing strawberries since three years ago but our farm has been growing organic crops for more than 20 years. Besides strawberries, you can also use the scissors to snip the organic vegetables such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots and Chinese cabbage.

Fun time for all age group!

Mountain Strawberry Farm is worth visiting because our farm offers more than just strawberries and vegetables. Kids can enter the ‘Animal Farm’ for free and pet their rabbits, chicken and goats. So the next time you’re here in Cameron Highlands, remember to pay a visit to Mountain Strawberry Farm because this is the right place for families with kids to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Contact: 05-4912035(Ms Sanda)