Cameron Highlands – The truth

This website is about giving the voice back to the local Cameronians. It is not about advertising or gaining page hits but to serves as a place to educate all the locals of Cameron Highlands and to tell the world what is happening.

Educating Cameronians

This is about being heard especially about the horrendous things that are happening around Cameron Highlands in recent years. Where it was once a natural beauty magnet, selfishness and greed changed everything.

Why is this happening?

It can be safely assumed that most (not all) Cameronians are money-minded. Because of this, they become selfish and are only concerned about themselves instead of others. A lot of Cameronians are farmers and their land has been sold for money. This is to make way for deforestation so that modern development can take place. The big problem here is that it is happening right in front of their eyes and no one seemed to care. The bigger issue is that it is happening to thousands of acres. EVERY MONTH!!

Authorities not making it better

Those who have been sanctioned to protect the locals are not making it better either. In fact, reports are surfacing that they are taking bribes from the local farmers. On the other hand, they are doing the same with land developers. Those who see the potential of tourism in Cameron Highlands are coming here to set up hotels. They pay bribes in order to get their applications approved. Because of this, there is an oversupply of hotels and apartments for rent. What is the use of having places for rent when the number of visitors will diminish?

Crafts and souvenirs no longer attractive

This was once the most popular item to buy in Cameron Highlands especially during the 1990s. But, instead of assisting the local producers and manufacturers, the local authorities have been slacking and only interested in making a fast buck by taking bribes. As such, those who sell such items will only ‘import’ them from suppliers from other states instead of producing them in the local market. If this continues, very soon there will be no more preserved insect keychains seen around the shops.

No longer a tourist destination

Cameron Highlands is supposed to be one of the top (if not the best) tourist destinations in Malaysia. This is no longer the case because people who come here are becoming upset and frustrated especially with the traffic congestions occurring every weekend, public holiday, school holidays and peak seasons. Other problems include:

  1. Oversupply of food and eateries. Because of this, the quality of food is poor and bad
  2. Traffic congestion not only at the main roads but also in smaller streets because of rampant parking.
  3. Similar products and services offered. Everyone is trying to offer the most ‘sellable’ product. So, there is a lot of flowers, honey, strawberries and flowers for sale
  4. Landslides – This is constantly being reported in the local news which comes around during the rainy season. Landslides are now happening at other times of the year as well