When cutting down trees means changing everything environmentally

cutting down tree in cameron

Climate change is an enormous problem for everyone around the world. In fact, one does not have to look at the global environment to know that it is happening in front of your own eyes. Land clearing is one of the biggest factors which is influencing this issue and that has been happening around Malaysia, most notably in Cameron Highlands in recent years.

It has been reported that the annual maximum temperature has been increasing which if left in this condition would be a very dangerous situation for the earth and the entire human race.

Cameron Climate change due to farmers’ deforestation

Experts and scientists believe that clearing of trees and land is one of the most significant factors contributing to this situation. When trees are cleared, it creates something known as a microclimate change.

This means that the climate within the area that the trees were cleared will experience a change either minor or major. However, it must be noted that under most circumstances, even a single or two degrees Celsius will mean a lot of changes for the natural surroundings.

This on the other hand might not affect the human beings as much but it means a lot of changes for the likes of vegetation and crops. A small change in the temperature will bring about changes in weather patterns and rainfall which in a long run could determine the livelihood or extinction of a certain species.

Corruption within the Cameron Highlands council

As reported recently, the most badly affected areas are Cameron Highlands and obviously in Genting Highlands where modern facilities and buildings have already taken over the natural habitat of thousands of trees and other species. For the people in Cameron Highlands, this situation is worsening and the locals are now saying that it is not as cold as it was previously.

There have been instances where highlands species are nowhere to be found while the lowland birds are spotted. This is a clear indication if not a confirmed opinion that the climate in Cameron Highlands is now warmer and welcoming these species. A lot of thought has been going on about Genting Highlands in which it has been claimed that there isn’t much left to do to salvage the natural situation there.

This however, can still be done in Cameron Highlands and that must start with the stop to illegal land clearing or maintaining and preserving the balance of its natural landscape. The analogy of 1 big tree being equivalent to 10 air-conditioners is now more appropriate than ever because it is the truth and the stark reality of it.