Cameron Highlands Night Market or Pasar Malam

pasar malam

Visitors can only flock to the famous Brinchang night market when the night comes. A stroll around the night market can be rewarding. You can pretty much get everything here. You name it, they got it! For those who hate a crowd, it is best to be there early because visitors pour in after having dinner in nearby best steamboat restaurant. Located within minutes from Brinchang main road, the night market is between Cactus Valley and Brinchang Police station.

Due to limited parking spots, the night market often caused massive jam. During weekends and public holidays, you’ll notice police officers around to direct the cars to reduce congestion. But those who stay in Brinchang generally take a leisurely walk to the night market. The night market is great especially for those who are doing last minute shopping.

Souvenirs and delicious fresh food are sold here

Potted plants here are a bit more expensive than those available for sale in nurseries. Generally, there are rows and rows of stalls selling local delicacies and snacks such as fried mushrooms, fried water crest, strawberry dipped chocolate, local pancakes, barbecued pearl corn and other usual food found in Malaysia night market.

Again, if you are here for some last minute shopping, fret not because you should take a walk around first before deciding the right souvenirs for your family and friends. Well, there’s tea products and various strawberry related items from strawberry jam, fruits to the usual keepsake items that can be found elsewhere around the highlands such as fridge magnets, strawberry-shaped balloon, key chains, pillows and umbrellas.

Here’s a little something you should try – Jambu Epal. The fruit looks more like toys due to its light green colour. The hot item is available in almost every fruit stall. The night market is held everyday during public holidays(holiday eve) and weekends(Friday & Saturday) due to the growing number of visitors.

Map of Cameron Highlands Pasar Malam