Cameron Centrum

cameron centrum

The Cameron Centrum is touted as the biggest mixed development project in Cameron Highlands. Built and developed by one of the top property developers in the country that includes Barrington Homes, the Cameron Centrum is basically a commercial project which is highly anticipated to be among the most exciting ones in recent years.

Most Exciting Upcoming Commercial Shops

There are several facets of the Cameron Centrum. In Precinct 1, you will find the first phase of this project. With more than 5 acres of land, it is set to be the future expansion of Brinchang town. This township will continue to grow with plans of building more malls, residential areas and other attractions.

The Cameron Centrum is a great place to invest in because there are several types of properties available. You can choose between the different units that come with either 2, 4 or 5 storeys.

The 2-storey units come with a built-up area of about 2,200 square feet while the largest units here goes up to 9,000 square feet. With the blooming property development market in Cameron Highlands, the Centrum will surely be one which everyone is looking at in the near future.

Located in Brinchang and part of the larger masterplan, the Cameron Centrum is designed to offer an open boulevard concept. This is a very unique concept which has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years.

The open concept means that those around here will be able to visit the shops and the retail outlets while enjoying the cool weathers of the highlands. Besides that, they are surrounded with some very beautiful sights and sounds of Cameron which is what it is known for.

One of the highlights of the plan is to have hotels operating around Cameron Centrum. This is part of the masterplan of this project starting from Precinct 1 itself. With several hotels in the plan, it will attract more tourists and visitors who will be coming here for its variety and options. Once the project kicks-off, more hotels will be built which will then attract more crowd in the future.

There are in total 58 units available in Cameron Centrum. These units can be used for all types of businesses which will surely attract a lot of customers mainly because of the location. You can run a restaurant business, cafes or any other eateries here. Meanwhile, the shops are ideal for boutiques, souvenir shops, convenient stores and other retail businesses as well.