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Cameron Highlands Local Business Guide

Cameron Highlands is made up of the few major towns of Brinchang, Tanah Rata and Ringlet. Around them, the locals enjoy all types of public amenities and services. Businesses thrive around here, operating to provide the best products and services to everyone. As a general rule of thumb, take note of the following:

  • Most shops in Cameron Highlands are restaurants and hotels as they are highly demanded
  • Goldsmiths and optical stores can be located in the major areas
  • You can engage professional services from lawyers and auditors
  • There are many car workshops in all the towns offering servicing, repairs, replacements and any other vehicle-related services </li.
  • There is an official Celcom outlet in Tanah Rata and Digi in Brinchang. Meanwhile, mobile phone shops are easily available that offer telco services and SIM card-related products too
  • There are furniture and electrical shops around. Don’t count on the furniture stores here as they do not offer many options and pricing is less than attractive. The common practice is to head out to Ipoh as they will deliver to your doorstep here. Hardware stores can be easily found that sell all types of items that you might need for repairs, DIY and such.
  • For relaxation, there are reflexology services, yoga and massage centers around Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Keep a lookout for special promotions which can be very value-for-money.
  • There are clinics and health services in all the major towns. Meanwhile, pharmacies are available too. However, take note that pharmacists on duty are not around the clock and hence only for a limited time during the day.
  • Tanah Rata and Brinchang house a lot of souvenirs and handicraft stores as most tourists usually port there. In Tanah Rata, you could find some antique and rare item stores. Bulky items that you purchased can be delivered to your house with nominal charges for shipping.
  • For sports, you can check out the badminton court within the sports center operated by the local council. Meanwhile, most schools have basketball courts and there is a football field at the SMSAS Tanah Rata. It is advised to come around during non-schooling hours so as not to disrupt the classes.

Cameron Fastline Towing Service

Lot Atrl B10-76(Bengkel Atas) jalan Sultan Abu, Brinchang 39100 Cameron Highlands Pahang. Call for 24 hours car breakdown assistance in Cameron Highlands Tel: 054915679 Mobile: 0193921166(Y


Postal Services in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a great place to visit because you can find almost anything around the towns. Besides food, which is what Cameron is really


Help & Assistance in Cameron Highlands

Lot Atrl B10-76(Bengkel Atas) jalan Sultan Abu, Brinchang 39100 Cameron Highlands Pahang. Call for 24 hours car breakdown assistance in Cameron Highlands Tel: 054915679 Mobile: 0193921166(Y


Entertainment Centre & Karaoke

One thing for sure, you will never be lacking in entertainment when you visit Cameron Highlands. While you can always go out and visit the

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