Cameron Highlands Activities

In Cameron Highlands, you will be spoilt for choice with activities for everyone. You can choose to enjoy the best of nature or indulge in the weather and even just not doing anything is a great option too.

  • Camping – If you are up for the challenge of the cold weather in the wilderness, you can spend a night (or two) at the Sg Pauh Camp Site
  • Hiking – Several hiking trails are available that can be arranged. You might catch a glimpse of the Rafflesia (the world’s largest flower) along the way too. There is the Mossy Forest trail as well as up to 14 other trails for hikers of every level.
  • Jungle exploration – Get up, close and personal with the beauty and lush vegetation around Cameron Highlands. Along Mossy Forest heading up to Mount Brinchang is where you can explore the wonderful flora and fauna around here.
  • Farms and Markets – There are countless farms that you can visit around Cameron Highlands.. You can visit the Kea Farm Vegetable Market with stalls operating by the side of the main road. Meanwhile, you can visit the likes of Big Red Strawberry Farm, Kok Lim Strawberry Farm or visit the CH Vegetable Farm.
  • Relaxing – If you are the less adventurous, then you can choose to just relax around in the apartments. Once you have checked-in, you literally do not need to do anything because just stepping out to the balcony will have fresh air welcoming you and engulfing you into the cool weather.
  • Night Market – The Brinchang Night Market (Pasar Malam) would be the highlight of your trip if you are here on weekends or pre-holiday nights. It comes alive during the evenings from 6.00 pm to around 10.00 pm with a wide range of local produce for sale. Take note that the night market is not available on Sunday nights.

Sports and Games

Cameron Highlands has much to offer apart from great food and nice sceneries. When you are here for a holiday, you can enjoy a lot more other activities which include sporting games which are available across the various towns. This of course, would require you to have a group of friends to play together while at some places, you might have to bring your own equipment.

Court Games

Around Cameron Highlands, you can enjoy a few very popular court and racquet games. One of the most popular games in Cameron (and the entire Malaysia) is Badminton. You can play badminton in various locations which include the resorts and hotels. If you play badminton there, they usually loan you the rackets and other equipment required. However, if you have your own, it would be good. Badminton is available at the Tanah Rata public community hall but ensure that you book the court early. Meanwhile, another court game you can play is basketball. This is where you can either play against the locals or with your own group of friends. You will find that there is usually a basketball court in most of the towns around here. Besides that, you can find a basketball court at most residential areas as well.

Trekking and Extreme sport

For extreme sport lovers, you might not find many options here as it might be too cold. However, you can go and take a ride on the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle. Located at Cameron Valley, you can rent one of these large-wheeled vehicles and take a fast and furious rides into the natural landscapes and beautiful slopes. There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to see nature up-close and personal at your own pace (very fast). Meanwhile, you can go jungle trekking into the Mossy Forest or up to Mount Brinchang.

Swing a golf club

The Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club is a public golf course here which gives you the best golfing experience possibly in the entire Malaysia. With the cold weather greeting you and the breeze that slaps upon your every swing, you will surely have an enjoyable game when you come here for golf. You can start teeing off as early as 7.00am in the morning or just go for a few swings with your mates throughout the day. The weather will welcome you each time you play without even breaking a sweat.

Cameron Jungle Trekking Trail

Cameron Jungle Trekking Trail

Jungle Trail No. 1, the toughest of all Image credit: flip01 Take a hike to the top of this amazing hill to see some of the


Top 30 things to do in Cameron Highlands

With a land area encompassing 71,000 hectares within the cool and pristine natural air, Cameron Highlands is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia.


Hiking in Cameron or Mount Exploration

Hiking is a great way to explore the beautiful rolling hills and cool mountains in Cameron Highlands. You can spend the whole-day hiking and walking

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