Sports and Community Centres for outdoor activities in Cameron Highlands


If you are sports-oriented and health conscious, visiting Cameron Highlands can be quite an enjoyable trip. This is because there are a lot of activities here that you can enjoy. Being in the highlands means that playing sports in the outdoors is possible without having to worry about heat and humidity. Around Cameron Highlands, you will find that there are a lot of games you can play in the major towns.

Top Golfing Destination in Malaysia

Golf – This would be the perfect location to play golf mainly because of the weather. The cooling environment and the beautiful greens here makes it ideal for a game of golf. Unlike other golf courses around Malaysia, Cameron Highlands gives you the ideal option to have a swing in the greens because you need not have to worry about sweating and being under the sun, especially when you are at the Cameron Highlands Golf Course.

Golfing rates here are very affordable where you can have a great game while the kids can go for jungle walks and the family can go shopping or sightseeing.

Swimming – There are no outdoor swimming pools around here because it is very cold to do so. You will however, find indoor pools that are provided as part of their facilities in the major hotels(Heritage Hotel) and resorts. The heated pools make it perfect for swimming where you will surely feel more refreshed and rejuvenated after a dip.

Court Games – At the major resorts and hotels, court games are usually offered as part of their services. In fact, you can book the squash or badminton courts there with equipment rental as well. in Brinchang, you can find the Cameron Racquet House while there is a public community hall in Tanah Rata(rent with Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands) which is quite a popular badminton venue.
To book court: Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands GENERAL LINE: 05-491 1455 / 491 2097

Outdoor Activities – You can go for ATV, jungle trekking or mountain climbing if you like outdoor activities. Similarly to other sports, the weather makes it an excellent choice if you one who is more adventurous where you can go for walks and hikes into the mountains and forests around the towns. Besides that, there are local operators that provide day tours and arrangements for outdoor activities.

Community Centres – The local Rukun Tetangga around the towns provide venues for community activities. This is managed by the Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands which is responsible for venues like Padang Golf Cameron Highlands and other sporting venues. Meanwhile, the local community uses the Dewan Serbaguna Brinchang  which is commonly used for all types of sporting activities as well.