Top 30 things to do in Cameron Highlands




With a land area encompassing 71,000 hectares within the cool and pristine natural air, Cameron Highlands is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia. There are so much you can do here, you will need to come back for more if you are to see everything Cameron Highlands has to offer. Here are 10 things you can do, for a start.

Perfect holiday getaways

Coming to Cameron Highlands means that you are getting ready to have an unforgettable holiday experience. Whether it is for 2 days or more, you have nature, shopping, culture, sports, food and everything else in between. The possibilities are limitless and that just makes your trip to Cameron Highlands all the more unforgettable.

Go where your heart desires

For the wanderlust, Cameron Highlands is just the perfect getaway and below are 30 reasons why!

Indulge the Roses

Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden is where you can get close to several types of roses while enjoying the view of the valley surrounding it. Here, you can enjoy a cuppa at the cafe or buy some to take home.

Conquer the heights

– Mount Brinchang stands majestically, overlooking the highlands. Get to the top and take a look around at the observation tower.

Back to basics

– The Orang Asli Villages here is where you can get to know the indigenous people here. If culture and traditions are your forte, then you will find this place very interesting.

Learn about tea planting

– See and experience how tea leaves are made by the Boh Tea Company which has been around for close to a hundred years old. While you are there, have a freshly-brewed tea at the terrace cafe that overlooks the amazing terraces of tea plantation.

Dig in the pots

– Steamboat is known as one of the staple meals in Cameron Highlands. Enjoy a pot of herbal or tomyam soup and dip in your fresh vege and seafoods. In many ways, taking fresh seafood dishes might be quite unorthodox but when you are in Cameron Highlands, you must try this unique hot-pot cuisine. One thing for sure, you get the freshest vegetables while you can dip meat and other seafood in your choice of Tom Yam or Herbal soup.

Travel back in time

– The Time Tunnel is where you can view items and pictures of how Cameron Highlands was before it was modernized like it is today.

Trek the trails

Cameron Highlands is all about nature and trekking the jungle will bring you close to the beautiful flora and fauna in the forest. As a natural highland resort, you can enjoy the hilly terrains and beautiful tracks to appreciate the wonders of nature here. From casual strolls to highly-challenging tracks, you can go through various difficulty levels marked from 1 to 10 like Gunung Beremban and Gunung Brinchang. You can start by taking Track 5 that goes through the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institution but inform the local guide or offices before venturing while bringing with you sufficient equipment like torchlights and drinking water.

Pick and choose strawberries

This can be done at the Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm which is one of the few really popular farms here. Picking your own strawberries to bring home is timeless.

Visit the Deity

– Located on the side of the hill, you cannot miss the Sam Poh Temple which is where you could see and appreciate what is known as the fourth statue of Buddha in the country. Besides being a tourist destination, there is a rich culture and religious community here. Get some breath-taking views of the surroundings or the Sri Thanduyathapani Swamy temple, a common place of worship among the Hindus here.

Honey, honey

– Visit the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm to experience how honey is made. You get to buy some fresh bottles and other products too. Another insect breeding farm that might interest here are bees. There are a few bee farms located around Trinkgap, Kea Farm and Ringlet where you get to check out how honey is made and how bees produce them. You can buy fresh honey here at the shops and other related items.

Marketing in the morning

– The Market in KEA Farm greets you with some really nice foods and shopping. Start early so can visit others later. Visiting markets will give you a localized perception of the culture and daily living practices here. You can visit the morning market located in Kea Farm which starts around 8.00am each day or the infamous Pasar Malam (night market) located in Brinchang which usually starts from 3.00pm to buy the freshest products, crafts and souvenirs. From Ringlet to Brinchang, Trinkap to Kuala Terla, there are countless farms for you to visit and experience how vegetables and fruits like strawberries are planted. Enjoy fresh strawberry ice-cream and produce or to Blue Valley, Bertam Valley and Kampung Raja to see how flowers are produced.

Find the water

– From the city center, you can trek into the forest in search of Thompson Falls. The short trail leads you to one of the most beautiful sights around Cameron Highlands while you can get to a vantage point with some breathtaking views. Take time to visit the Lata Iskandar waterfalls, one of the most popular tourist spots here or head out for trekking towards the Robinson or Parit Falls.


– If you are feeling a little cultured and wish to appreciate art, then head out to the Mah Meri Art Gallery that displays the works from the Mah Meri people.

Go Shopping

– If you cannot let your shopping-side go and need to buy some stuff, then Cameron Square might be the place to go. There are cafes there, shops and things to see.

Agricultural Science

– Pay a visit to the Agro Technology Park at MARDI (the Malaysian Research and Development Institute) where you can find out about technologies in agriculture. Created in 1990 this park is definitely a wonderful place to visit. Pick up a pamphlet at the entrance and learn about the amazing way fruits and vegetables are grown. This farm is very well organized and great to show you how fruits and vegetables are cultivated. There are beautiful hanging flowers throughout the farm that are very lovely. They have an amazing edible plant site where you can see fruits and vegetables that you can eat and try for the first time. At Agro Technology park in MARDI you can purchase produce much cheaper than you can at other farms. You will see beautiful flowers that are grown, especially beautiful roses. You can also view the process of how tea is made from the grinding of tea leaves. There is also some awesome Jungle Trekking activities that you will want to hike. Make sure that you visit the fruit tasting corner as well where you can taste some of the freshest fruits in Cameron Highlands. This is definitely an attraction of Malaysia that you do not want to miss. You will definitely be very pleasantly surprised by the amazing abundance of herbs, flowers, and produce as well as the wonderful hikes available.

Potpourri Heaven

– The purple lavender flowers spread across the garden is a truly unforgettable sight but the natural fragrance will surely follow you home here at the Lavender Gardens.

Hindu temple

– A prominent temple among the Tamil community, you can visit the Sri Thandayuthapani Swamy Temple with its peaceful and meditative environment.

Eat everything

– There’s just too much to try and eat but you can do that at the Night Market in Brinchang. Stalls come out at night where you get to snack till your heart’s content.

Fly with the butterflies

– Besides plantations, you can visit the many butterfly farms located around Cameron Highlands. Let your mind float like the thousands of butterflies flying freely at the Butterfly Farm. It is one of the oldest ones here and comes with a section for tortoises. One of the popular ones is located in Kea Farm, which is about 5 minutes drive from Brinchang town. For a nominal fee between RM2 and RM5, you get to enjoy a guided tour and watch some free-flying butterflies.

Back to the colonial times

– You get the impression once you step into the Tudor Mansion where the structure and outlook bring you back to the time when the British were here. Have a cup of English tea, and your experience is complete. This brand is synonymous with Cameron Highlands. Visiting the Boh Tea Plantations is a ‘must do’ which operates 3 tea plantations namely the Habu Tea Garden, the Sungai Palas Tea Garden and the Fairlie Tea Garden respectively. Learn about how far Boh Tea has come since 1929 and how the best-selling tea brand in Malaysia is made which has already built a strong brand name across the world.

Stay outdoors (for a night or two)

– This might sound crazy but you can actually set up a tent and enjoy the outdoors and its nature at Gunung Irau. Make sure you have enough clothes to keep out the cold.

Have a cup to tea

– The Jim Thompson Tea Room is a great place to enjoy what Cameron is known for, Tea! Add in some cakes and pastries and your afternoon session is just splendid!

Sharpen your senses

– Cactus Valley is the place to go and that is what it is. Located around Brinchang, you will see countless types of cacti here. Appreciate them or bring some home if you like. As the name implies, Cactus Valley offers you a great spot to learn about this mysterious plant. Some dating as old as 60 years, you can see all types of cactuses here while there are other vegetation like apple trees, passion fruit and flowers, all of which are grown within the hillslope and beautiful surroundings of Cameron Highlands.


– Golfers will surely like the chance to have a swing at it on the beautiful greens of Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club. No heat, just a world-class 18-hole course and you. Perfect!

Be with the travelers

– The Traveler’s Bistro and Pub is the place to go to unwind and relax and have a drink. That’s the place with music and some really nice people around.

Check the birds

– Cameron is a popular destination among birdwatchers who come here to have a view of species like the Silver Eared Mesias or the Mountain Peacock Pheasant, among others.

Engulf into the clouds

– The Mossy Forest is the place to go where the clouds literally ‘come down’ and dwells among us.

Box in or luxe out

– The Bricks Sleepbox is a unique place to stay in because you practically sleep within a box, along with many others who do the same. Alternatively, there are many resorts that are totally luxurious. Head out to the infamous Strawberry Park Resort or the Lakehouse.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

– This is one of the popular places for strawberries and also one of the largest. Besides that, you can also see how organic salads are grown here.

Behold, the largest flower

– The Rafflesia, touted as the largest flower in the world could be seen here during certain seasons. You have to search for it in the forest though.

More recommended Activities

This is where you can check out all the activities that are available in Cameron Highlands. You can go through all that you can do before coming here and make your travel plans better. Check out where you can go to find the best strawberries or which vegetable farm has the best fertilizers.

You can browse through the resources on where you can go for jungle trekking or if you plan to visit the likes of Mossy Forest, what you should be aware of. For those who like nature, you can check out the top waterfalls and camp sites around Cameron Highlands here.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of information here about what you can do around the town centres and the types of events that come about each year. Read about them and give your own reviews if you like here.

Sports activities in Cameron

Besides the slow and peaceful weather in Cameron Highlands, you can enjoy a wide variety of sports activities here. There are many options available ranging from golf to badminton, cycling and jungle trekking. You only need to have the interest and you are ready to go!

Golfing at the greens and range

The cold weather here makes it a perfect place to play golf in the entire Malaysia. There is not much fun to play golf when it is under the hot sun which makes Cameron Highlands the ideal destination for those who like to enjoy this game without sweating much. The golf course here is open to the public as early as 7.00am. This can be enjoyed at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club which comes with a world-class 18-hole course.

Badminton available

If you are staying at the resorts and some hotels, there might be badminton courts available. This is a game which is provided as part of their facilities. However, you will need to contend with the other guests of the resorts. Otherwise, you can go on to the public community hall located in Tanah Rata, a common local favourite as well as visitors to Cameron Highlands. However, please note that you will need to make your booking early.

ATV a common favourite

For the more adventurous, you can check out this modern (and sometimes extreme) sport with the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle. The four large-wheeled motorcycles are a joy to ride and very challenging. It is a perfect place to enjoy ATV as you breeze through the cold wind and cool weather of the highlands. Offered at the Cameron Valley tea plantation in Kuala Terla, it is about 30 minutes drive from Tanah Rata. You will see a lot of tourists who come here to enjoy this sport which is loved by the locals too.

Play Squash

For a more rigorous game, you can play squash. There are several resorts that offer squash as one of their games. Among them include the Heritage which is open to public guests while you can book the court from the Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands and play this challenging game at their public hall.

Go cycling

If you are those who like to work out and do not mind going for a physical challenge, then rent a bicycle and whiz around. Bearing in mind that Cameron Highlands is made up of a lot of up and down hill slopes. It is not easy to really go around on the bicycle unless you really have the stamina. To really enjoy this sport, you should get a group of friends and cycle and stop as you wish.

Basketball and hoops

The game of basketball is loved by the local people here and it is a great game to play. After all, you do not have to sweat under the hot sun here in Cameron Highalnds. You should be able to find a basketball at most towns and in some residential areas. To play this game, it is quite easy and in most cases is free for anyone with a ball and a group of friends.