Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant Cameron Highlands

I have noticed this Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands for many years now and want to give it a try as it managed to garner a full house crowded during meal time which is an indication that the food should be delicious.

So this time round after gathering more information about Cameron Highlands I decided to head to this restaurant located in Brinchang Point. It was already about 15 minutes to 2 o’clock when I arrived so most of the lunch crowd has already left. Fortunately they still have food for me to try out.

The Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant tried to differentiate itself from the many Chinese restaurant located in Brinchang by decorating the place with some traditional Chinese decoration including some very interesting Chinese clay tea pots. I also spotted one tea pot with the extremely long funnel where a master tea server will throw their hot tea over your heads from a distance! I’m not sure if any of the people here have that skill and it would certainly be interesting to watch!

Some interesting traditional Chinese tea pots for decoration

Browsing through their menu, they certainly have a lot of variety to choose from. I’m just visiting Cameron Highlands alone so I won’t be able to try out the chef specialty. Judging from the list, they have interesting curries including fish head curry, some variety of fish cook via steaming, hotplate, etc. They have chicken and pork dishes as well.

Hopping over to the individual meals section, you have a choice of either noodles, rice or porridge which goes with the roasted meat of either roasted duck, roasted chicken or roasted pork (either cha siew or siew yok). So to try out all the roasted variety I went for a 3-in-1 or what they call ‘Three Mix’ which was actually roasted duck with cha siew and siew yok. When the food was served it came with rice. Hmm… funny, I thought I ordered soup noodle with that. I guess the waiter made a boo-boo. Whatever, I was too famished to complain. Rice was good and more filling than noodle.

The Three Mix, a variety of roasted meat of duck, cha siew and siew yok

Overall the meal was acceptable given its range. Perhaps I should have tried their chef specialty, but I will leave that to another day when I can bring my entire family to try. Can’t try that on my own alone!

I tried to chat up with the owner, Mr Liew but he was rather busy with his friends on the next table. Later I got meet up with him after I went round exploring the various hotels in Brinchang Point. Turn out the owner also has a budget hotel here called Cameron High Inn Hotel located behind the restaurant. I guess the Mr Liew decided to diversify his business here.

He was mainly Mandarin and Cantonese speaking and well I still could converse though not so good. We had a nice chat about his place here and wouldn’t mine collaborating on sharing information about Cameron Highlands. Apparently he has a friend who has a Cameron Highlands web site too!

Enjoy your meal at Oldies and Goodies Roasted Meat Restaurant with your friends and family!

Mr Liew started out his food business from Ipoh and now expanded to Cameron Highlands and come up with this Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant. Didn’t get to elaborate much about it as he suddenly have to attend to some issues.

Anyway, the food was something different, so if you are looking for some roasted duck, roasted chicken and roasted pork and of course some specialty chef food you drop by this place for your meal. I’m sure you could find something interesting from the usual steamboat meals around Cameron Highlands.

And the address? Here you go!

Oldies and Goodies Roasted Restaurant
No. 19, Gound Floor, Jalan Angsana 1,
Brinchang Point, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang