Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands


For visitors who love to relax by sipping tea and having a nice tea break in Cameron Highlands , tea plantation is just your place. The weather in Cameron Highlands is pretty cool and with its perfect climate, it actually provides tea to grow perfectly. There are also various types of plantations around, such as the Bharat tea plantation which visitors will pass by between Tanah Rata and Habu. Moreover, there’s a tea shop overlooking the estate place. It’s a pretty nice place for visitors to relax and enjoy.

During the old times in Cameron Highlands, it’s used to be a simple tea shop, however, it has been redecorated just to includes a shop that sells the Bharat teas rather than just sell a nice hot cup of tea. Over there, it has a great view of the Barat Tea Plantation, and visitors can take a stroll over to there factory location or even round the tea plantation.

One of the most beautiful sceneries in Malaysia

Furthermore, the journey to Boh Tea House Cameron is an adventurous. The road to the Boh (Fairlie) or Sungai Palas tea estates is quite narrow. If visitors are going, please do notice the other corner car about your oncoming traffic. However, if there’s really an oncoming car on the other side direction, visitors or the other driver should stop a side and let the traffic pass for safety wise. Moreover, there will be stretches of road, where there’s sufficient space for two vehicles to pass through.

Before reaching the tea shop, visitors may want to join for factory tour before proceed to tea shop. Guidance for factory tours are provided for free in showing the tea processing. When visitors arrive there, it’s advisable to check with them when the guided tour is conducted. Furthermore, please take note that the factory and the tea shop is close on every Monday but opens everyday from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Hence, it will be a waste of time if visitors’ going there without knowing it’s closed.

For additional information, the Fairlie and Sungai Palas Tea Estate Cameron Highlands has tea shops available, where visitors can order varieties of teas, along with cakes. Visitors can just relax and sip tea, and enjoy the environment of Cameron Highlands with full of pleasure.