Cameron Highlands Wedding & Honeymoon Recommendations

A wedding is an event of a lifetime which needs detailed planning ranging from the banquet dinner to the photoshoot, photography to video recording, among others.

Planning your wedding in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands has the perfect formula for a memorable wedding. This is most significant through the picturesque sceneries and the other tourist attractions. You can surely enjoy a wedding event which is unforgettable with a small budget within RM2,000.

The Photography

One of the major highlights of your wedding would be a photoshoot. Strawberry Park is your perfect location to get this. The Tudor architecture design is arguably one of the most popular sights not only within Cameron Highlands but within the country. Besides that, check out the following locations for excellent wedding photoshoots.

  • Lavender Garden
  • Mossy Forest
  • Boh Tea Farm
  • Butterfly Farm

The Banquet

And then there is the big, major event which is the wedding banquet. The cooling weather here makes it perfect to have a garden wedding but if you prefer a closed-door event you can choose the Cameron Highlands Resort. Alternatively, you can check out The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands where rates are:

  • Buffet Lunch (Western) – RM130 per pax
  • Buffet Lunch (Western and Local) – RM120 per pax
  • Local Lunch – RM110 per pax
  • Afternoon tea – RM65 per pax

The package comes with all the decorations and ambiance of your preference which starts from RM12,888.

The beautiful and natural landscapes in Cameron Highlands make it the perfect place for photography and as a romantic getaway. If you are looking for a place to enjoy some quality time with your partner, then Cameron Highlands would surely be one of your top options mainly because of its location and the surroundings.

Elements for a honeymoon

There are several factors that you must consider when it comes to choosing your perfect honeymoon destination. This is because you do not want any unforeseen circumstances to spoil what would be your perfect plan. A honeymoon is what you want to enjoy for the two of you after your wedding and as such, it would make perfect sense if you have it all planned out to perfection and to the idea that you have in mind. Cameron Highlands has everything you need to ensure your honeymoon is carried out as planned. This includes:

  • Places of interest – you might want to spend some time to enjoy the sights and sounds around Cameron Highlands. This is where you can choose between the places of worship, natural landscapes or at any of the highlights here like bee farms, strawberry farms, tea plantations and many more
  • Picturesque moments – Walk anywhere along Cameron Highlands in Brinchang or Tanah Rata towns and you can enjoy some Instagram moments almost immediately. What could be more befitting and fulfilling than to go around taking memories of your loved one on the first days of your marriage with some of the most beautiful pictures around?
  • Romantic dinner – you can just enjoy the food around Cameron Highlands like steamboat and fresh vegetables. However, as how any honeymoon should be, a candlelight dinner would be in order. There are several places here that will give you that satisfaction of dining in a romantic place with very little interruptions. Check out the restaurants in Cameron Highlands Resort, Smokehouse Restaurant and Golfers Café and you will surely not regret it as they have some of the best foods in the most wonderful environment.
  • Nicely decorated rooms – If you are coming here for your honeymoon, inform the hotel or resort about your intention and they could probably arrange something special and unforgettable for you and your spouse. This includes having a room specially decorated for the occasion which will surely make your trip all the more memorable