Haunted hotels and paranormal experiences in Cameron Highlands(Hotel Berhantu)

It is not uncommon to hear about ghost stories or encounters with the paranormal in hotels. Since Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist destination, there are bound to have visitors who would tell of those ‘experiences’. As the old saying goes, humans are afraid of what they do not know.

True accounts of supernatural encounters

  • Level 4 of Hotel Heritage – It is said that the lifts will automatically go to Level 4 of the hotel even if no one selected the floor. It is as if there is a force that ‘welcomes’ the guests to that particular floor.
  • Century pines resort – Known to be among the more luxurious hotels in Cameron Highlands, guests have complained that they heard moving furniture and children playing marbles from the top floor. When they made an inquiry, the hotelier stated that no one stays there. There have also been complaints of children playing outside the hotel rooms coming from the balcony of the 7th floor.
  • Apartmnt Dahlia and Terra Tree House – The Apartment Dahlia is a popular homestay located next to the forest. Guests have complained that they heard sounds and noises at night. The Terra Tree House meanwhile is surrounded by trees within the forest.
  • Strawberry Park Hotel – One of the most famous hotels for tourists and visitors to Cameron Highlands. Guests have reported that they heard strange noises coming from the forest, calling out their names.
  • Equatorial Hotel – The scariest account is from a Vlogger who stayed in Room 809 of Hotel Equatorial. He had recorded the surrounding the day before and downloaded his files to his laptop before going to bed. He then experienced nightmares throughout the night and the next morning, he found that his memory card was full (although he had erased it the night before). In the card is a 6-hour long video that recorded his sleep from the angle above his bed.