Terra’s Tree House


If you are looking for a unique holiday when visiting Cameron Highlands, the Terra’s Tree House might well be your best choice. As the name implies, Terra’s Tree House are basically made up of tree houses and that is a totally different way of living unlike the usual hotel rooms and modern apartments.

Located not far from the town of Brinchang, it applies the indigenous treehouse lifestyle which makes this place more exciting. What you get when staying here at Terra’s Tree House is being extremely close to nature where you will be living within the rich surroundings of the Cameron rainforest.

Only reachable with Four Wheel Drive

Terra Treehouse is located deep in the forest around the Sungai Mensun area known for its farmlands. You can only reach the treehouse with a 4WD. This will trail you through some rocky roads after turning in from the Time Tunnel Museum. Built by Orang Asli or local aboriginals, you will find yourself staying within the walls made from rattan, bamboo and a lot of leaves. Fleas and insects are those nuisance that you might be expecting though.

There are 6 units available here where you will be staying on stilts. All the rooms here come with breakfast provided and cooked by aboriginals. There is standard electricity hours which is from 6.30pm to 10.30pm while you can ‘order’ more if needed and the rate is not cheap. Rainforest Inn is the better option in terms of accessibility and better reviews.