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We welcome all unofficial information about Cameron Highlands. Send in your blogs to us and have it published here to help our visitors prepare and learn more about Cameron Highlands. Check out the posts not only about what you should know about Cameron but also what you should not know.

Community News & Updates

Did you know that Cameron Highlands once hosted the world’s biggest gathering of Land Rover vehicles? Sad that you missed it? You will no longer miss any events happening here in Cameron Highlands as we will update everything there is to know. From community events like cycling gatherings to badminton tournaments, CSR by corporations and even gotong-royong. Meanwhile, stay updated with the latest news and issues related to Cameron Highlands like the Pakatan Harapan takeover during the 2018 General Election, land-grab issues, rampant land clearing and other matters.


GoAway Travel & Holiday Blog

Traffic jams, snaking taxi queues, trains that break down, and buses that travel at snail’s pace. Do you feel trapped in the daily grind with

Earth Hour Malaysia

Earth Hour is an initiative put in place to heighten more awareness among people to be more environmentally friendly. In 2019, the event took place

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British Embassy in Malaysia

The governmental authority of Great Britain in Malaysia is represented by the British High Commission. Located in Ampang, it is involved in maintaining the working

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Charlie Brown Cafe from Peanuts

Wait! Charlie who? Someone was heard asking that. That is typical considering that most people know who Snoopy is but the mention of Charlie Brown

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