Convenience stores and sundry shops

In Cameron Highlands, you will be able to find just about anything you need. For your daily needs, there are many convenience stores located around the town areas and shop lots. Whether it is newspapers, cigarettes, drinks and even a bar of soap, you can find them at the stores.

Convenience Stores from most hotels

If you are travelling here on holiday, you will most likely be staying at places like Tanah Rata and Brinchang. In most cases, there will be a convenience store located a stone’s throw away from where you stay.

The KS One Stop shop is where you can find just about anything you need on a daily basis. It operates in Brinchang town where you can buy snacks, toiletries and basic medication. There are several other shops here depending on where your location is. This includes the C Savina Enterprise and one of the very popular ones, M A Ramasamy.

If you are around Brinchang Square, you will find Guardian Pharmacy. The orange-coloured signage is an outlet you will not miss as it is one of the top brands in the country. Besides that, you can find a 7-Eleven store here as well.

Meanwhile, not far from the Snooze Hotel is the Perniagaan Joo Hin where you can buy a variety of alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. The Chap Joo Seng Mini Mart is where you can buy a lot of local products as well as daily needs.

Otherwise, you can find items like snacks and groceries at the Kam Fah Enterprise, the Perniagaan Kwong Fatt and at Balan Mini Store. For lower priced goods sold in wholesale, the Pusat Borong Sakan is a great place to go.

Over in Tanah Rata, you can find several convenience stores as well. This is where you can buy such goods at the Camellia Mini Store, the Excel Provision Store and at Kedai Runcit SP Kumaran. The Cameron Mini Markat Tanah Rata is a popular place that sells a lot of local goods while you can buy cooking material at the Pasar Raya Cameron Highlands Tanah Rata as well.

Nyen Shin is another outlet where you can buy a lot of daily goods and products. If you are looking for toiletries and groceries at affordable prices, Nyen Shin is your best option .

KS Pasaraya Jimat

Besides that, the KS Pasaraya Jimat is another place in Brinchang where you can buy a wide range of everyday goods. This is where you can find a lot of groceries of your choice, toiletries, food stuff and many more. The KS Pasaraya Jimat is open daily from morning to night where you will find a team of friendly staff and personnel who can assist you in every way possible.

Meiko Souvenir

The Meiko Souvenir is located along Jalan Besar of Tanah Rata. This is where you can find a myriad of very interesting items especially if you like shopping. Meiko Souvenir is part of Meiko Hotel where you can buy a lot of souvenirs that are designed based on strawberries. This includes key chains and fridge magnets, among others. Besides that, there are a lot of decorative items which you can bring back with you. Accessories and other items including decorative pillows and such are available here as well.

Joo Hin Sundry Shop

The Joo Hin Sundry Shop is another option you can go to if you are looking for sundry items and other daily goods. Here, you can find all types of snacks and beverages. Besides that, there are a lot of other items like sweets, crafts, basic clothing and others.

D Hasn Boutique

The D Hasn Boutique is part of the D Hasn Apartment which operates at Tanah Rata. Here, you will find a great place to stay if you like a comfortable and halal accommodation option at an affordable rate. The apartment is where you will like the convenience of being close to the town centre as well as the nearby attractions.

At the D Hasn Boutique, you will be able to browse around the many different types of items on display. Take your time to shop for the fashionable items that you like or try out the D Hasn Cosmetic products there.

Jeruk Madu Pak Ali

This is perhaps one of the most unique shops you can find in Cameron Highlands. The Jeruk Madu Pak Ali is where you can buy a variety of local favourite sour and sweet foods. You will find the display of products here to be quite unique because the colours can be quite bland.

Unlike the sharper and more contrast colours, there are red, green, brown, blue and others but the dull colours might not put you off as they are quite delicious. At Jeruk Madu Pak Ali, the common foods here include dried strawberries, dried kiwis, asam boi and many more, all of which are loved by the locals and would be something which must be tried by travellers.

Num Song Sdn Bhd, Num Song Holiday Apartment

The Num Song Holiday Apartment is located along the main road in Tanah Rata. It is one of the many places to stay in Cameron Highlands which is economical and convenient. What you get here are 3-bedroom units which come with some of the most breath-taking views of the highlands.

The Num Song Holiday Apartment is located in Carnation Park and Desa Anthurium nestled among the rich rainforests of Cameron Highlands. Here, you can view the beautiful landscapes at the comfort of your own apartment unit.

The 3 bedrooms here are tastefully decorated where the master bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom. Apart from that, you can enjoy the living room equipped with a television with ASTRO channels. Meanwhile, the dining room is available for meals and games where you can enjoy full cooking equipment in the kitchen.

The bathroom with toilet here comes with standard amenities while the balcony is perfect to view the surroundings of the beautiful highlands. Bathrooms are fitted with hot and cold running water while you can enjoy a game of mah-jong as well. A refrigerator is provided while you get to be around the convenience of stores and shops as well.

Besides that, Num Song operates its own mini market where it sells a broad range of everyday products. This includes the likes of groceries, toiletries as well a variety of wine and beverages. If you are staying in the apartment here, you can easily get your daily items and goods from the shop which has been in operations since the early 1930s.

Liza Collection Enterprise

If you love shopping and would like to browse for some clothes in Cameron Highlands, check out the Liza Collection Enterprise. Located in Tanah Rata, you can find a variety of clothing here. From T-Shirts to polo shirts, dresses to blouses, you can find a lot of interesting apparel items here. You won’t miss the brightly-lit signboard of Liza Collection which usually comes out at night.

Agriculture shop and products

If you are looking for something agriculture and produced here locally, you can do so at the many outlets around. The Chop Eng Huat is one such place. Located along Jalan Besar in Brinchang, you can find a broad range of different agriculture products here which are freshly produces from the local farms and markets.

Meanwhile, you can find a lot of these products at the Sun Tong Fatt Agribusiness Groceries which operates in Tanah Rata. In Ayam Suria, you can find a lot of meat, seafood and chicken products as well as other grocery items.

Organic Products

While not everyone prefers to buy farm grown products, there is a Ho Organic Farm in Brinchang. This is a restaurant that serves only organically grown food. What you get here are organic farm fresh vegetables and other products. This is made possible because the restaurant actually has their own farm which ensures that everything is organically produced.

Photocopy and photo services

If you are looking for a place to develop photos or have your photos taken for any purpose, there are a few outlets you can go to. In Brinchang and Tanah Rata you can find a FujiFilm shop where you can buy all types of photography items. Meanwhile, there is an outlet known as Kedai Gambar Digital Cameron Highlands which sell similar items as well.

At these outlets, you will find that they have many types of digital services too. If you have a thumb drive (USB) with you, you can easily have the photos developed within minutes. Meanwhile, you can buy additional accessories for photography. This includes camera bags, tripods, films and other products.

Laundry services 

If you are travelling here and staying for a while, you might need laundry services. This is where you can find them at most of the major shop lots and rows. Laundry shops are very handy because it is when you are recycling your clothes and do not carry too many with you during your vacation that you need to have them washed.

In Brinchang and Tanah Rata, you will find several laundry shops that offer the basic services. All these shops usually provide these services at affordable rates which are cheap and economical. In Tanah Rata, you can find such services being offered at Kedai Dobi Highland. The staff is very helpful where they will take your dirty laundry, weigh them and charge you a nominal fee. You can then collect your cleaned laundry the next day or even within the next few hours.

Over in Brinchang, laundry services are available at Kedai Dobi Shan. Similarly, you will find a full range of cleaning services here. This includes the standard cleaning of dirty clothes and such. On top of that, you can ask for more delicate dry cleaning of jackets and curtains or even comforters and blankets.