Peony Square Cameron Highlands


Peony Square offers a modern day living property in Cameron Highlands. Located in Mukim Ulu Telom, Peony Square is built in Kuala Terla, one of the towns here at the hill resort.

In fact, it benefits from being one of the most easily accessible and convenient locations in Cameron Highlands as Peony Square is only about 10 minutes-drive away from Brinchang town, one of the main towns here in Cameron Highlands.

New apartments in Kuala Terla

Peony Square is designed to exude luxury and contemporary lifestyle where it has several types of units available. Offering apartment units, each of these units come with one unit of parking space at the basement level. However, there is ample parking space located on the ground floor outside the units as well.

This mixed development project is an exciting project where there is a combination of residential and commercial units. Basically, Peony Square is an 8-storey building which is all connected by respective lifts.

There are in total, 21 units of apartments on every floor of this address. As mentioned, parking spaces are at the basement level. The units here come with different views like tea plantation or lake views while some are fully furnished depending on the needs and requirement of the tenant.

22 units of shops available

The studio apartments are situated between the second and sixth floor of Peony Square which are small to medium sized units. If you are looking for larger apartments, they are available as duplex units which are located on the top (seventh) floor which are between 1,600 and 2,400 square feet in size.

Unlike the smaller apartments, there are only 16 units available on the Duplex floor. The standard units here come with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms while the Duplex units are designed with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

Meanwhile, the first floor of Peony Square is made up of commercial units where there are 22 units of shops available.

These units are mostly 900 square feet in size which started at the selling price of RM520,000. The project is expected to complete by 2017 where it comes with a 24-hour security guarded area and CCTV system.