Finally after all this time, the first McDonalds’ opens in Cameron Highlands


You cannot but wonder why it took them so long for the international fast-food chain McDonalds’ to open its doors in Cameron Highlands. This is, after all, one of the top travel destinations in Malaysia and it would surely be expected that brands like these be seen around there.

A familiar brand and face

It has often been said that ‘It is better to be late than never’ and it must have been long overdue to have McDonald’s’ opening its branch here in Cameron Highlands. The new outlet is located in Brinchang town, where it opened its doors in April 2021 much to the excitement of the locals as well as visitors. This would surely be a move in the right direction especially when the COVID-19 pandemic ends and traveling becomes possible again.

Expecting the usual at McDonald’s’

As with any other McDonalds’ outlet, you can expect the same items on sale here. Customers can either order the value meals or go a la carte. Happy Meals for the kids are available whenever they are in motion while they serve their specialty coffee and pastries too.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic MCO with no dine-ins currently allowed (July 2021). Once that is lifted, this place should be expected to be bursting with customers for sure. Pricing is pretty much standard across its menu. Operating on its own building, it has a Drive-Thru facility for those coming in with vehicles to pack and go.

The fast-food customer base in Cameron Highlands

While local tourists like to come here to enjoy the local food and fresh produce, fast food brands like McDonald’s’ would be a good option when you want something quick and filling. This would be a good addition to the tourist market as fast food is still quite limited in Cameron Highlands.

A KFC outlet operates in the heart of Brinchang town which has been here for many years now. It is often crowded during the peak season while there is a Marrybrown located in Tanah Rata. With McDonald’s’ joining in the fray, consumers would have an additional option here.

This would not be the only one for sure and everyone is looking forward to more to come. There have even been suggestions that McDonald’s’ should start considering offering more localized items on its menu like a Cameron Strawberry Sundae or a Honey-dip for its famous Chicken McNuggets!