Cameron Highlands Restaurants Listing

When it comes to food, anyone will literally be spoilt for choice here. You can easily find halal and non-halal food at an arm’s length from almost anywhere. One highlight of food here is steamboat. Nothing beats having a hot, aromatic and boiling soup where you dip the freshest seafood and vegetables amidst the cold weather. While steamboat is very popular among the Chinese crowd but there is a growing number of halal steamboat restaurants like:

  • Fauzi Tom Yam & Steamboat Restaurant
  • Restoran Glory 78
  • DeBamboo Tower Steamboat, Grill & Steam
  • Gonbei Steamboat
  • Atilla Santai Steamboat & Grill

There are many restaurants that serve great western food in Tanah Rata while you can find a lot of local delights (Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine) in Brinchang town.

Below are some of the top places for foods in these towns.

Restaurants Listing

Cameron Organic Produce

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