Lobsterman Seafood Restaurant & Steamboat

Now in Malaysia! In SS2, Petaling Jaya. The Lobsterman brings you LIVE Alantic Lobster. Perfectly & Deliciously prepared in various styles. To tease your palate at price that seems unbelievable! Come dine and wine in a cozy haven.

Lobsterman – The only lobster and steamboat restaurant in the country. The founder of Lobsterman, Bruce Ma (a Hong Kong native), has not only mastered the art of preparing this crustacean but he’s also out to make it an affordable feast. He bring with him over 10 years of experience as chef along with his ties as being the main seafood supplier in Hong Kong. There are Maine lobsters or Homarus Americanus, the Archetpal lobster, the Real McCoy, the one with outsized claws you all want to eat. Lobsterman does Lobster everything – Salad, Soup, Pasta, Rice and Starter – it also offers Baked Escargot as well as New Zealand Baked Mussel and Canadian Fresh Osyters in variety of style. Tenderloin, Lamb Shank, New Zealand Lamb Chop, Chicken Escalope or Mixed Grill are also available.

Price are eminently reasonable – a one and a quarter pounds lobster goes for RM $93. Yet better value are the set lunches going from RM $32. Beside a wide-ranging a la carte menu, Lobsterman offers set meals. It could be a lobster special for two proceed at RM $128. The Lobster Family for four, at RM $218. And more and more options. Please take a time to visit our restaurant or website today!!

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~~~~~FIRST DISHES~~~~~

Fresh Lobster Toast (3 Pieces) RM 18.00

Our Unique Treat ¨C smothered with richness and satisfaction right to last bite!

Sauteed Scallop & Pacific Clam (per serve) RM 18.00

Genuine ocean favorites served on a green bed of spinach for a great start

Fresh Lobster with Fresh Fruit & Creamy Yogurt RM 28.00

Sweet tasty lobster meat with fresh fruit in a refreshing yogurt and cream sauce

Baked Escargot (French Style) (half dozen) RM 18.00

Crowned over hand-picked mushroom caps with tangy herb butter and garlic – Highly rated!

LIVE Atlantic Oysters (half dozen) RM 36.00

Freshly shucked, make yours Au Naturel, Claypot, Mornay, Kilpatrick, Rockefeller or Shooters!

New Zealand Baked Mussels (half dozen) RM 18.00

Your choice of Mornay (Baked with a cheese and creamy white wine sauce) or Kilpatrick (Baked with beef bacon bits and onion) or Rockefeller (Baked with chopped spinach and bread crumbs)

*All prices are subject to a 10% Service Charge & 5% Govt. Tax