Tanzini Upper Deck – A unique and sensational fine-dining experience

Inspired by the fresh food movement, Tanzini advocates a quality approach in presenting its cuisine to diners. We’ve gone out of our way to rethink how we source, prepare and present our dishes so that it tastes good and makes you feel good.

Located on the 28th floor of GTower, at the intersection of Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang adjacent to the Tabung Haji building. Access to the restaurant is provided via the Maitre D’ counter in Lobby B on the ground floor.

Offering a modern European cuisine with its base rooted firmly in the rich and hearty food of the Italian home kitchen. Our contemporary cuisines and plates are created by fusing modern global cooking methods with heritage recipes and premium quality ingredients. Don’t be surprised to find your dishes hosting a little kick to it, as our chefs are keen on infusing Asian flavors into their dishes. Creative, exciting and always surprising, our kitchen will delight all with new recipes and menus from time to time.

They say, ‘Nothing Brings People Together like Good Food’. Add the element of a great place of the Tanzini Upper Deck restaurant and you have the perfect formula for an unforgettable evening, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

A view to die for

Like any luxurious restaurant you go to, the first impression is extremely crucial. As you step into the Tanzini Upper Deck, the view that overlooks the city center immediately pulls you in. The modern and posh space exudes the class that you have come for and they do not disappoint. The chandeliers and the hardwood floors have all been tastefully placed to remind you of what fine dining you have come for. If you are on a date night out or a special romantic occasion, the Tanzini is an excellent, if not perfect choice!

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Enjoying the food at Tanzini

At the Tanzini Upper Deck, you are elevated high above the 29th floor of the G Tower Kuala Lumpur that fills up the skyscrapers of the city. While you dine within this illustrious spot, you make up among the twinkling stars of the night scene.

Here, you get some of the best European cuisines and this place do not serve you anything plain or simple. Every item on the menu has been specially crafted and made. Their Carpaccio Scallop with Creamy Crab Roe Emulsion is among their popular dish-outs. If that is what you are going to have for the appetizer, the bar goes even higher for your mains.

A lot has been said about their Boston Lobster which is made fresh with umami. The Yuzu dressing with the mango cubes and avocado tartar sauce just perfectly complements the presentation of this. At more than RM140 per dish, this is almost as luxurious as it is sumptuous. Meanwhile do try out their Braised Beef Short Ribs too, a different take on beef ribs made with their unique sauce.

Now on to the desserts. Their Molten Valrhona Chocolate Cake is a great option if you are a chocolate lover (and safest bet if you are not that adventurous). However, you could try their Signature Passion Fruit Lime Meringue or their Banana Pannacotta.

The best things in life

Tanzini Upper Deck is open from 5.00 pm onwards and that means you come here for the view taking in the ambiance and enjoy the great food. This is truly the place where you enjoy the finer pleasures of life without the sophistication or complexities. To this extent, Tanzini is a place where you get simplicity with a touch of class and where the best things of life can be fully appreciated. Not many places do this but Tanzini really would bring people together.


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