Hatched Cafe & Restaurant Singapore

Baked, boiled, fried, scrambled & poached, we have them all and more! HATCHED: an egg-inspired restaurant with a dish for everyone!

Hatched is an inconspicuous restaurant situated away from any mainstream competition in the food industry. Hatched contains surprises inside with their beautiful interior. Everything from their space to their menu is thoughtfully designed. Also, and more importantly, they serve up all kinds of egg dishes that would make egg fanatics dizzy in euphoric hysteria.

Economical price

Prices are rather steep considering that the portion of the food is rather small or meagre for a grown man but it also depends on what you order. I ordered some form of steamed egg (sorry, I really can’t remember what I ordered and I’m not good with eggs) and it was served in a tiny soup bowl… somewhat like Japanese Chawanmushi but the taste is rather unexpected and managed to win me over despite being disappointed at the portion.

Long Journey but worth it

Hatched is rather inaccessible if you’re not driving. But I guess it is also a plus point in their favour, enabling it to retain its cosy and relaxing ambience, and continues to be a good hideout from the usual crowd. Hatched also manages to capture a niched crowd – everyone there looks like an artist or important person of some sort. Literally everyone is well-dressed.

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