Cameron Highlands Hotels & Apartments Comprehensive Guide

Cameron Top Hotels & Apartments

As one of the major tourist destinations in the country, travellers can expect a wide range of accommodations available from budget hostels to luxury resorts. You can pick from the expensive luxury Tudor country homes or the modest hotels scattered around different towns – Brinchang, Tanah Rata and Kampung Raja. Families can expect well-furnished and fully equipped apartments with various facilities including a built-in kitchen.

On the other hand, budget conscious travelers can pick cheaper accommodations without extra facilities. If you are traveling in groups, it is best to hunt for bungalows available at special rate. Regardless of where you choose to stay, you’ll be mesmerized with the wonderful rolling green hills and captivating farms around.


During peak season in Cameron, for travelers with vehicle, parking is a problem because these two happening towns have limited parking spots. Unless you opt to stay in luxury and sophisticated hotels where they provide you parking facilities. But generally, apartments in Brinchang are slightly more expensive (between RM250 and RM350) compared to other towns in Cameron due to their convenience, shops and night market.

For budget conscious backpackers, you can stay in cheaper hotels in Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Some of these budget hotels in Cameron were shop houses but owners converted into hotels to cater to budget constraint travellers. Generally, the rooms in these budget hotels charge around RM80 per night. There are also hotels offering RM50 per night.

Maklumat Apartment Murah di Cameron Highland

Apartment atau pangsapuri di Cameron Highland ini jumlahnya ada cukup banyak, kira kira ada lebih dari 50 apartment terletak di Cameron Highland. Namun di antara banyaknya apartment tersebut anda perlu pandai memilih apartment mana yang sekiranya cukup selesa didiami.

Bagaimana untuk memilih apartment ini boleh dilihat dari ulasan dari para tetamu yang sebelumnya sudah pernah menginap di apartment tersebut. Jika banyak tetamu yang mengeluh akan perkhidmatan dan kemudahan dari apartment mungkin itu tak sesuai buat anda.

Selain melihat ulasan positif daripada tetamu, tentunya anda juga harus melihat harga yang ditawarkan oleh apartment tersebut. Jika bajet yang anda miliki hanya sedikit, mungkin sebaiknya anda memilih apartment di Cameron Highland yang memberikan harga bilik murah.

Apartment murah di Cameron Highland ini sebenarnya tidak terlalu banyak anda jumpa

Rata rata apartment di Cameron Highland menawarkan harga bilik di atas RM100. Jadi bagi anda yang ingin menginap di apartment di Cameron Highlands sekurang-kurangnya harus menyiapkan bajet di atas RM100.

Namun jika memang bajet di anda hanya ada bawah RM100, anda boleh memilih menginap di hotel murah Cameron Highlands yang memang sudah cukup banyak yang menawarkan kadar bilik bawah RM100, bukan memilih apartment.

Tapi jika bajet anda mencukupi untuk tinggal di apartment, berikut ini kamai berikan senarai apartment di Cameron Highlands yang menawarkan harga dari RM100.


For budget conscious travelers, you will need to pay in advance if you book through online website. Most of the budget hostels charge between RM60 and RM120 per night depending on the location and facilities offered. Group travelers can book through agents for apartments (usually range between RM200 and RM500 per night). Another option is to book bungalows where breakfast, lunch and dinner are available and included in the charges.


crown imperial courtBooking of units at this apartment can be done through individual owners. It is one of the most conveniently located apartments which are at the doorstep of the infamous Pasar Malam and the Police Station. There are 9 storeys of apartment floors to choose from which comes with individual lifts and private parking spaces.


strawberry park resort cameron highlands
Image credit: asiaescapade
The Strawberry Park Resort is one of the most renowned resorts in Cameron Highlands which comes with some of the most beautiful sceneries and well-designed rooms. The Resort offers 3-star services with standard amenities and facilities that include a spa which are all owned and operated by a single management company.

Iris House Resort

cameron highlands iris house resort

The Iris Apartments is located in Tanah Rata which is within the banks and other public amenities of Cameron Highlands. The units here are individually-operated by its respective owners which come with private parking for each unit. It is one of the new apartments here which is located near to the Cameron Highlands Golf Course. Iris House Hotel – This hotel sits in Brinchang town which provides a magnificent view of the surroundings.  Read more about Iris House Hotel

Royal Lily Apartment(Private apartments)

cameron highlands royal lily apartment

Located in Tanah Rata, the units here are individually managed by their respective owners. It has a great view of the surroundings where each unit comes with standard amenities like television, cooking facilities and is fully-furnished. As such, they are ideal for groups of friends and families of 6 to 8 people. Read more here

Heritage Apartment(Private apartments)

cameron highlands heritage apartment

A great place that comes with beautiful sceneries of the surroundings made up of amazing flora and fauna. The units here are owned and managed by respective individuals who offers a peaceful getaway from the noise and crowd of the town centre. Units come with private parking spaces and other amenities. Heritage Hotel Private Apartments

Rainbow Hotel

cameron highlands Rainbow Hotel
Located in Brinchang, this is a modern styled budget hotel with 36 comfortable rooms to offer. Rainbow Hotel

Carnation Park (Private apartments)

cameron highlands carnation park

Units here are owned and operated individually. It is a walk-up apartment that offers 3 room units. Located in Tanah Rata, there are a wide range of services available that include private parking, cooking equipment, television with Astro channels and many others to make the stay more comfortable. Carnation Park Apartments

Equatorial/Copthorne Hotel

cameron highlands equatorial/copthorne hotel

– This hotel is one of the new ones located in Kea Farm. There are 350 hotel rooms available. Copthorne Hotel page

Casa De La Rosa Hotel

cameron highlands casa de la rosa hotel
Image credit: asiaescapade Located in Tanah Rata, there are 30 rooms available at this hotel which is available in twin, triple or quad sharing.

Jasmine Hotel

cameron highlands Jasmine Hotel

Jasmine Hotel Brinchang Page
Named after the beautiful flower, this hotel has 72 rooms and is not far from the town centre of Brinchang.

Sri Juliana Villa

cameron highlands Sri Juliana Villa
Located in Brinchang, you will find some very homely and comfortable spaces here for a great vacation.
More details about Sri Juliana Villa here



This resort offers a wide range of different units which are all individually owned. It is one of the latest developments in Cameron Highlands which comes with lifts and private parking spaces. Besides that, it is located not far from the town centre but isolated away from the crowded areas. Greenhill Resort Cameron

Star Regency

cameron highlands star regency
Image credit: pleasecomein

Located not far from the Pasar Malam, the Star Regency is made up of individually-owned units that come with private parking space with lifts leading to the units. It is one of the older residential options here but provides a lot of convenience with all types of facilities and services for the tenants.

Parkland Hotel & Apartments

cameron highlands parkland hotel

Situated conveniently in Brinchang, it is not far from the town centre here. Parkland offers a quiet and peaceful getaway amidst its semi-old structure. Operated by one management for maintenance and booking, each unit comes with standard facilities that include Wi-Fi internet access, LCD TV with Astro channels and cooking facilities. Parkland hotel was recently launched that offers 30 rooms and is located in Brinchang. Parkland Express is the newly launched hotel by Parkland. Click here for Parkland hotel room rates and latest tariff.

Bougainvilla Apartment (Private apartments)

cameron highlands bougainvilla apartment

This is an affordable walk-up apartment which is located in Tanah Rata amidst the public amenities like banks and transportation hub. Each unit comes with standard facilities and equipment like kitchen and furniture and is conveniently situated not far from the town centre here as well as the tourist attractions nearby.

Villa Dahlia (Private apartments)

cameron highlands villa dahlia
Image credit: Kenny Chan

This apartment comes with lifts to the respective floors. The units are semi-private and individually operated. It has a wide range of services and facilities that include private parking spaces as well as reception for other services needed. There are 2 or 3 bedroom apartments as well as penthouses available. Read more about Villa Dahlia here

Lakehouse Hotel

cameron highlands Lakehouse Hotel
The Lakehouse Hotel is located between Ringlet and Tanah Rata which offers 19 rooms and suites.

Natasya Resort

cameron highlands natasya resort
This resort is operated by one management and located in Brinchang which is one of the more popular options here. It offers internet access within its units, parking spaces, children’s playground and other board games while each room is fully equipped with standard amenities and facilities. Natasya Resort Page

Century Pines Resort

cameron highlands century pines resort
Image credit: va1en2004 Located in Tanah Rata, it has 153 different types of hotel rooms and suites.

Hotel De La Ferns

cameron highlands Hotel De La Ferns
Image credit: tlchua99
With 75 rooms and suites, this is a luxury boutique hotel located in Tanah Rata.

Snooze Hotel

cameron highlands Snooze Hotel
Located along Jalan Besar, 13 rooms await you for a comfortable and affordable stay. Snooze Hotel page here

Rain Forest Apartment

cameron highlands Rain Forest Apartment
This is one of the oldest apartments in Cameron Highlands located in Tanah Rata with 24 units of different sizes.

Cameron Highlands Resorts

cameron highlands resorts
Image credit: hjbyeo

This apartment offers a broad range of top quality services and facilities that include a private spa and a Japanese Restaurant all of which are operated under the same management. All units come with complete standard facilities while the apartment is located not far from the town centre that offers great convenience.

Country Lodge Resort

cameron highlands country lodge resort
Image credit: cheeseong

Located in the town of Brinchang, this resort offers several options for accommodation which are all operated by a single management. It is not far from the Pasar Malam, Police Station and other public amenities here. Country Lodge resort offers a great place to stay for those who are looking for convenience and peace of mind.

Rose Apartment

cameron highlands rose apartment

Rose apartment is located in Kea Farm and offers a cozy and homely environment for groups of friends and families. It is one of the recent additions to the apartment options in Cameron Highlands that come with lift, private parking spaces and other facilities like LCD TV with satellite channels and many more.

Desa Anthurium (Private apartments)

cameron highlands desa anthurium
Image credit: squido75

This is a great place to stay for visitors who like the cozy and family-oriented environment. The units here are individually-managed by their respective owners. Desa Anthurium apartments do not come with lifts and are among the earlier developments here. Private parking spaces are available where about 50% of the units here are occupied by residents here.

Parkview Apartment (Private apartments)

cameron highlands parkview apartment

Units here are individually managed by their respective owners which come with private parking and other facilities. As it is only a few storeys high, there are no lifts available. All units come with cooking facilities and equipment, television with satellite channels and it is conveniently located near to banks and other public amenities here.

Planter’s Country Hotel

cameron highlands Planters Country Hotel
There are 35 rooms available in this luxurious hotel which is based in Tanah Rata.

Rosa Passadena

cameron highlands Rosa Passadena
Image credit: stratman2
Location, new or old, total rooms, stars, type(room or apartment), etc.

Hotel Titiwangsa

cameron highlands Hotel TitiwangsaLocated in Brinchang, this hotel provides 81 rooms in various sizes.

Sam Jade Guest House

cameron highlands Sam Jade Guest House
There are 25 comfortable rooms in this guest house located just off Brinchang town and within distance to the Sam Poh Temple.

TM resort

cameron highlands TM resort
The TM Resort is located in Tanah Rata which offers rooms and meeting facilities ideal for company and corporate trips.

Jim Thompson Cottage

cameron highlands Jim Thompson Cottage
Located in Brinchang, you can enjoy the local highland lifestyle in this cottage style accommodation.

Smokehouse Hotel

cameron highlands Smokehouse Hotel

This is a boutique hotel which is very established in Tanah Rata offering 19 rooms for its guests.

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Mutiara Hotel & Apartment

cameron highlands Mutiara Hotel and Apartment
The Mutiara Hotel & Apartment is sandwiched among a row of shops in Tanah Rata. It is located above the Mutiara Kopitiam which is quite a popular place for coffee and tea. This hotel provides you with the convenience of being in the middle of the town centre as it is at Jalan Besar.

All you need to do is to leave the hotel and you are in the middle of the action of restaurants and other public amenities. Convenience stores are located just a few shops away while you get to enjoy the cooling weather right at the doorstep of your room.

Kavy Hotel

cameron highlands Kavy Hotel
Kavy Hotel is located in Brinchang. Its Tudor architecture can be easily spotted from afar where this hotel provides an affordable and value-for-money accommodation option. At Kavy Hotel, you get to enjoy the free internet access, super-comfortable room and a location which is very convenient. Rooms here are beautifully decorated to provide you with all the comfort you can imagine where there are enough units for 2, 3, 4 or more guests.

Golden Night Hotel

cameron highlands Golden Night Hotel
This hotel operates in Brinchang Point. What you get here is a great place to stay at a fraction of the luxurious hotel’s prices. Golden Night Hotel operates along the main road of Brinchang with a bright orange-coloured signboard mounted at the top of this orange-coloured building. Rooms here are fitted with comfortable beds and television with Astro channels. Water heater are provided in the bathrooms while you get to enjoy the convenience of being in the town centre of Cameron Highlands, close by to the restaurants and sundry shops.

Seah Meng Hotel

cameron highlands Seah Meng Hotel
The Seah Meng Hotel is one of the many hotels operating at Tanah Rata. This is a very convenient hotel where you can enjoy cheap rates without compromising the quality of your stay. At Seah Meng Hotel, you will be staying within a row of shops of the town centre. Once you leave the hotel, you are within a few walking steps to a lot of shops and convenience stores.

Not far from the Seah Meng Hotel are banks and cafes where you can enjoy a quick snack or go for a full meal. Apart from that, the bus terminal is not far from here which makes it all the more convenient.

Hotel Emerald Point

cameron highlands Hotel Emerald Point
Located in Tanah Rata, Hotel Emerald Point gives you a great option when it comes to accommodation. Here, you will find an extremely convenient place to stay which is economical and practical. Housed within its red-coloured walls, you will like the location which is not far from the town centre. From the doorsteps of the hotel, you can enjoy the fresh and cooling air of Cameron Highlands while there is a foot reflexology just next to the lobby.

Hotel Green Garden

cameron highlands Hotel Green Garden

The Hotel Green Garden is located in Brinchang. It is one of the unique locations you can stay in if you are looking for a comfortable and convenient option. At Hotel Green Garden, you will find 20 rooms which are fully-furnished and very well decorated to give you a satisfied and fulfilling stay.

Here, you will be able to stay at the double, triple or quad rooms which are catered for 2, 3 or 3 people. If you have more than that, you can stay in the Family room while there are spaces for 8 people as well. Rates here are very affordable which starts from RM98 per night. Rooms are fitted with LCD television with Astro channels while you get to enjoy the convenience of being minutes away from the main shopping areas.

From Hotel Green Garden, you can practically walk to the pasar malam in Brinchang town.

Apart from that, local attractions like farms, nurseries, mini markets and banks are not far from here as well.

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