Cupcakechic Cup Cake King Malaysia

Cupcakes bring with it an experience like no other as it kindles all your senses.

A confession: We hate cake mixes. That’s why at Cupcake Chic, we bake everything from scratch, every single day. The apples are lovingly peeled and cored. The pecans are caramelized in a pan. The bananas are mashed when they are at their sweetest and ripest. The lemons and limes are hand-zested.

We mix and bake them just as you would in your own kitchen. That’s why they taste the way they do. Simply fabulous.

King of Fruits – in a cupcake!

To celebrate our Independence Day and Malaysia Day, our absolutely delicious and marvellously fragrant cupcakes (only if you like durians, that is!) is back for a limited time, from 31 August to 30 September 2014.

Pick up at any of our outlets, while stocks last and available also online with delivery to Klang Valley, Johor and Penang. Order here to avoid disappointment!

Made of D24 durian flesh and baked in to the batter, topped with a silky smooth dark chocolate ganache and decorated with two fondant cut outs – we know durian lovers will get a kick out of this cupcake.


Our Values & Beliefs

Our mission is simple. Our focus is on putting a smile on our customers’ face.

To make our Mission possible, we are committed to consistently serving the highest quality cupcakes and outstanding service in a vibrant store atmosphere.

Our Mission isn’t just our Mission. If you like the idea of making the world around you smile, why not make our Mission your Mission too? Use our cupcakes to bring joy and cheer to others by giving it to someone. Try it and you will see what we mean.

We have a simple Mission – to put a smile on the world, one person at a time. We are not idealists, we just believe in the power of a smile. To that end, we strive to make your day by ensuring the quality of our cupcakes and service are of the highest standards and each experience you have with Cupcake Chic puts a smile on your face.

As such, our Values are based on:

  • Giving Back to Our Communities
  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • Building Partnerships that are based on Integrity and Trust
  • A Belief in People and Changing Lives
  • Fostering a Culture of Joy and Passion throughout Our Company

Full Moon Packages

Announce the arrival of your little one with cupcakes from. A delightful way to share the joy with family and friends. Choose from our Classic or Chic packages with the gorgeous-looking “Oh, Boy!” or “Hi, Lil’ missy!” gift boxes that comes complete with an announcement card.

What are full moon cupcakes?

Traditionally for the Chinese parents, we celebrate the birth of our baby when he/she turns 1 month (under the chinese calendar). We have a big feast and we announce to the world that there is a new addition to the family. This announcement comes with a little gift. In Malaysia, the most common gift is the nasi kunyit (yellow rice), ang ku kueh (red chinese pastry), red eggs (eggs with the shell dyed red) and curry chicken. Lots of red on this day – typical of the chinese culture.

Cupcakes, being so versatile, are now the modern way of making this big announcement. The last two months have seen non-stop orders for baby girls. There was only one full moon order for a baby boy. Funny, because it was the exact opposite a year ago. I’m guessing it’s the year for baby girls!

Special mention goes to two of our really good friends : Christina & Vincent Soong : on their 2nd baby, a baby boy – Daniel Soong. I’ve known Chris since I was 10, so we go a long way back! Huey Miin & Shih Yee – on their 2nd baby, a baby girl – Kaitlyn Ooi. Huey Miin was Ben’s bestman at our wedding, and Ben was his – and they also go a long way back….all the way to kindy I believe!

It is such an honour and privilege to be a part of your special occasion. Congratulations once again….and hope the sleepless nights are far and few in between.

International Women’s Day

This year, Cupcake Chic decided to do something special for International Women’s Day. We decided firstly, we needed to come up with a cupcake that’s not super girlie, yet still utterly feminine at the same time.

So here comes the “Femme cupcake” – our Belgian Chocolate cupcake with a Salted Caramel filling and topped with a whipped chocolate ganache frosting. It’s utterly delicious. The icing on the cake (well, on the “icing” actually), are cute purple stilettos or handbag made of fondant.

These cupcakes are available for RM6.50 per piece, in all of our outlets (the Curve, Avenue K & Kota Kinabalu International Airport) from 1st March – 8th March 2014. They are the perfect little morsels for the special women in your life. Celebrate women this week!

We’re also having a daily giveaway on our Facebook page. We chose 8 inspirational ladies and if your names happen to be the same as the one we announce daily, you get to come in and get a FREE FEMME cupcake! Hop on over to our FB page. We had “Siti” for our first day – check in to our FB page to find out what name is announced today!


Corporate Events

Make a statement with cupcakes at your next corporate event.

You can adorn the cupcakes with your corporate logo on a sugar plaque or get us to work around a theme that befits your event. Now you can make get your branding across and eat it too.

Livin’ Large Cupcakes

Living large isn’t just about yourself but about where your heart is concerning others.

This is the whole reason we created the Livin’ Large cupcake. It is meant to be shared. To reflect your attitude toward celebrating life with people who mean a lot to you.

So, we’re taking our most lovable cupcakes and blowing it up in size to give you the Livin’ Large Cupcake! And by blowing it up, we mean a massive 25 times to be precise. Yes, it can be shared with 25 people.

The Livin’ Large Cupcakes features four of Cupcake Chic’s top flavours such as Back to Basics, Othello, Fatal Attraction and Red Velvet. And you can customize it.

You can pick your frosting design. Jazz it up with luscious filling. Or top it off with some fun sprinkles. Then personalize it by adding a set of Happy Birthday candles and fondant letters to spell out the birthday girl/boy’s name. Now, that’s a birthday cupcake.

You can even have it delivered to your doorstep without leaving your bed or surprise someone as we deliver anywhere in KL, Selangor, Penang and JB.

Wedding Cupcakes

Imagine a gorgeous centerpiece of handcrafted cupcakes arranged into a beautiful tall tier that demands to not only be admired, but greedily indulged into.

It is this very reason we love being part of weddings, and why we make it our top priority to deliver the best cupcakes and service for your big day.

Here’s what we can provide to help make your wedding dreams come true:.

1. Versatility & Creativity With 24 flavours to choose from and talented pastry chefs in our kitchen, your wedding cupcakes can be designed to suit your theme and tastes. Come and sit down with us over a steaming hot cup of vanilla latte and together dream up the most delightful cupcakes for your most special occasion.

2. Consistent Quality We take no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of care and ingredients that go into our cupcake. Our cupcakes are made with refined flour, the freshest eggs, creamy butter and top quality ingredients that are stirred together with love and care. Your guests will be sure to want more than one!

3. Tier Rental and Arrangement Services From tall and extravagant, to simple yet chic, we can provide tier rentals and arrangement services to create a stunning wedding cupcake tower centerpiece. We can also liaise with your florist to add beautiful finishing touches to the final display.

4. Packaging Options and Wedding Favour Boxes Want to give your guests a memorable token of appreciation? We can deliver your cupcakes in beautifully wrapped individual favour boxes, or even boxes of 2 or 6 cupcakes.

5. Reliable Delivery We provide convenient door-to-door delivery service so you don’t have to worry about anything (except for your hair) on the big day.

Reviews for Cupcakechic

My girlfriend and I are fans of ‘Cupcake Chic’ and our all-time favorite will always be ‘Back to Basics’. We bought ‘Back to Basics’ at Pavilion 2 days ago and bought half a dozen of ‘Back to Basics’ yesterday at Sunway Pyramid (New Wing).

We somehow realized that the frosting on ‘Back to Basics’ cupcakes are less than what we bought at Pavilion. We asked the service girl and she told us that these cupcakes were delivered from The Curve.

I appreciate if thorough checking of frosting on these cupcakes is sufficient before delivery or on sale so that potential customers and/ or ‘Cupcake Chic’ loyal customers and fans will enjoy these deliciously well-made cupcakes as much as we do. Rays

I would like to thank you for making it possible for me to order cupcakes for my fren, whose birthday falls this Friday, 17th June. It was a late order as I only managed to discover the website this morning by accident. Ever so grateful. Zammy

this cupcake is absolutely delicious i highly recommend it to classic cupcake lovers ! :p <3 Pinky

Hi! Had a cupcake at Cupcake Chic recently, it was so divine that I felt compelled to Google your site to drop a comment! Keep up the goodwork! I am a cake junkie & a loyal customer to shops & bakers that sell good cakes. Cupcake Chic is now my go-to Cupcake place in PJ after having tried the other 2 famous cupcake places, which left me shocklingly disappointed. Those other 2 places must think ppl hadn’t a clue of what good cupcakes are. Anyway, I’ll certainly pop by Cupcake Chic The Curve for a quick bite of cupcake when in the vicinity. Btw, you may want to consider offering denser chewier browines, rather than the cakier version you currently have. Joshua