E Resort


The E Resort is one of the many options you can consider to stay in Cameron Highlands. It is located in Kea Farm which is about 10 minutes away from the town of Brinchang. The E Resort is a great place to stay where you will appreciate its unique designs and decorations. The building design here is inspired by Tudor architecture which means you will be staying in a very distinctive location with very beautiful motifs.

Kea Farm is very popular for some of the top tourist attractions while the tea plantations are not far from here as well. About 10 minutes away, you will be able to reach Brinchang town where you will discover the night market known to sell some of the best local products and freshest produces. Besides that, there are banks, police station, cafes and many other entertainment outlets there as well as the very sought-after steamboat places. From there, you can get to Tanah Rata which is another major town located another 10 minutes away.

Rooms in E Resort

The E Resort here ensures that you enjoy a rewarding holiday in the apartment units. There are standard apartments while some come with 2 and 3 room options. From E Resort, you will be accorded with shuttle services that will take you to the nearby hot spots. Within the rooms, you will enjoy your own balcony where you can just sit around and enjoy a cup of tea while appreciating nature’s best without needing to leave your doorstep.

E Resort
Lot 166, Equatorial Hill Resort,
Kea Farm,
39100 Cameron Highlands,