Snooze Hotel Cameron Highlands


When considering a place to stay, you can never miss a place with such a unique name like Snooze Hotel which is located along the main road of Brinchang in Jalan Besar. As the name implies, this would be the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a peaceful and comfortable hotel during your visit to Cameron Highlands whether it is for leisure or business.

The Snooze Hotel offers 13 rooms which are all affordable and comfortable, making it very economical and value-for-money. The hotel is very conveniently located within reach of the main places of interest around Brinchang while you can easily get to the nearby towns of Tanah Rata or Kea Farm from here.

Rooms in Snooze Hotel

At Snooze Hotel, you will be staying in the same row with some of the major places here that include fast food chains like KFC while the Police Station is not far away as well. From the hotel, you are at the footstep of the Pasar Malam which comes around on weekend and pre-holiday nights. As you will be staying in the main road of Brinchang, you are practically within walking distance to most of the public amenities here without having to travel too far for food and other conveniences.

In within the hotel, you will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi internet access, satellite television services, attached bathrooms with hot shower facilities which are included as standard services while the front-desk staff could always assist you in every possible request you need.

Snooze Hotel
4 Jalan Besar, 39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang

+60 14-669 0108