Working and Jobs in Cameron Highlands


Available Positions:

1. Hotel Reception in Cameron

2. Waiter/Waitress in Cameron

– Food and accommodations provided.
– Contract term is one year.
– 18 years only above.

– Hotel reception must posses a driving license(as required to bring guest to apartments).
– Incentive and bonus available for outstanding performance.
– Chinese and Malay
– Please whatsapp your details to 012-2266-260.

More about jobs in Cameron Highlands

Despite being away from the major cities and towns like Ipoh and Penang, Cameron Highlands offer an attractive option to work and find employment. This is because Cameron Highlands is known for its cool weather and peaceful environment where it gets busy only during the peak seasons.

Types of jobs and salary scale

Cameron Highlands has a few major towns like Brinchang and Tanah Rata and is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia. This means that basic amnesties like banks and hotels are provided around these places. As such, one can easily find employment here that includes positions like clerks, receptionists or front-desk officers, bank tellers and many others.

It is very common for Malays to be employed with the government departments while candidates of other races usually seek employment in the private sectors businesses.

The starting salary here is at the minimum wage as stipulated by Malaysian law which is at RM900 while those in the managerial jobs can expect to earn up to RM3,000 per month. This is considered as being quite comfortable as the standard of living here is not too high here and is around the medium levels.


In most cases, the employers concerned will provide accommodation and standard benefits like medical and allowances where necessary. In most cases, there is no need to travel around the towns but for those who have their own transport like motorcycle or passenger cars, it would be an added advantage as they will be able to travel between towns especially in jobs that require meeting with clients and customers in those areas.

Beautiful Working Environment

Overall, the working environment in Cameron Highlands can be quite attractive and comfortable. The weather is very pleasing all year round although it can be quite boring at night. However, during the peak seasons, it can get quite hectic with more visitors and tourists around the town areas.


The minimum requirements to work in the businesses in Cameron Highlands are the SPM (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran) or its equivalent. It is mandatory to have proper Bahasa Malaysia and English Language written and verbal skills as there are a lot of foreign tourists who come here throughout the year.,17_IC2980447.htm