Royal Lily Apartment Cameron Highlands


A holiday in Cameron Highlands will be very rewarding if you have a comfortable place to stay with the best facilities. Located in Tanah Rata, one of the main towns in Cameron Highlands, The Royal Lily Apartment benefits from its strategic location as you will be staying very close to the town centre here and not far from the nearby attractions.

From Royal Lily Apartment, you are within walking distance to the public amenities and services like banks, eateries and the Freesia Bus Terminal which is the main transportation hub here. Some of the best food outlets like the Suria Halal Restaurant located not far from here where you can enjoy a wide range of curry styles as well.

The units here are spacious where it can comfortably fit 6 to 8 people making the Royal Lily Apartment a great place for groups of friends or families. There is a kitchen where you can use the refrigerator as well the cooking utensils. The apartment units are mostly fitted with high quality furniture while they usually come with television sets with satellite channels.

Cooking facilities provided

Besides that, you can find other home appliances available here like microwave oven, water heaters, toaster and rice cooker although you can bring your own for hygiene purposes. Each apartment unit comes with a parking space while there are additional spaces available at the public area. There is a balcony where you can enjoy the cool weather while having a cup of tea overlooking the beautiful scenery of the surroundings here.

Basic and Small Double Decker Room

Enjoy beautiful double deck bedrooms at Royal Lily apartments. You will have the use of an amazing kitchen to wake up and make yourself a wonderful breakfast and come home to make a nice night meal. These apartments have a great shared bathroom, living room, dining table, and kitchen. The staff at Royal Lily Apartments are very friendly and are great at offering the best tips on the places to visit and even let you know about the secret places to visit that only locals know about. There is laundry on site that is very affordable and very convenient. You will have additional amenities such as a hot tub, microwave, television, and wifi.

These apartments are located close to the center of town and definitely provide gorgeous scenery. You will be close to nearby attractions such as Rose Valley, Cactus Farm, and Strawberry Farm. The apartments at Royal Lily are very well furnished and definitely a great place to relax after a long day of exploring. You will love being surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Cameron Highlands that will literally take your breath away. With the beautiful scenery, the modest lodging, and the friendly staff you will definitely not regret choosing to stay at the Royal Lily Apartments.

Royal Lily Apartment,
Taman Royal Lily, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands