Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands?

cameron highlands VS Genting Highlands

So, you are making plans for a holiday in the mountains? In Malaysia, 2 very prominent names will surely pop out of your mind and that would be Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands. There are similarities between the 2 and surely a lot of differences too because they are catered for different forms of vacations.

The best highlands

Typically, both Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands are very excellent tourist attractions. They both give you cool weather and very beautiful sceneries because of their natural locations, which are high above sea level. If you have to choose only 1, then you might want to consider the factors below, bearing in mind what you want and how much you want your vacation to be unforgettable.

Affordable accommodation options

When it comes to budget, Cameron Highlands would be more value-for-money if you want a relaxing holiday. It is after all, a region all by itself. Cameron Highlands is filled with natural attractions and shops all around the towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. This means that you will not have to pay overpriced or resort-priced services. You can find a lot of homestays, budget hotels and resorts too. In other words, you can stay in the most basic of places like dormitories to world class resorts like the Copthorne Cameron Highlands.

In Genting Highlands meanwhile, accommodation is quite limited. At the heart of Genting Highlands, you only have a few options which include Maxim Hotel, Resorts World Hotel and the more economical First World Hotel, all of which are operated by the Genting Group. If you are looking for something cheaper, you would have to travel downhill towards Gotong Jaya.

Travelling to the highlands

There is only 1 way to reach Cameron Highlands and that is by land. You can either self-drive or take an express bus there. The journey can be quite tough as it takes 4 to 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Once you exit the highway, you will then come to teh long and winding roads leading up to Cameron. This is not something that people with car sickness can endure.

To get to Genting Highlands meanwhile, you can choose between driving up, taking a bus, taxis or take the cable car from Genting Premium Outlets. The entire journey from Kuala Lumpur usually do not take more than an hour.

Food for everyone

If you are particular about food (and prices obviously), then Cameron Highlands would be your best bet. You can basically get all types of food in Cameron Highlands and they are available in shops, cafes and restaurants around Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Cameron Highlands is also known for its steamboat, which is really nice under cool weather. One thing to note, you can easily get Halal food around Cameron Highlands like the Restoran Fauzi Bistro and many others.

In Genting Highlands meanwhile, food is more expensive as you are paying resort pricing. Even the fast-food outlets here are more expensive than Kuala Lumpur. You can go to the food court though but be ready to pay more.

Different tourist attractions

One thing for sure, both highlands have unique attractions.

  • A place to go for nature and the weather is what you get at Cameron Highlands. You can visit bee farms, strawberry parks, cactus farms, flower gardens and its very popular, Boh Tea Plantation. You can also visit the waterfalls, take walks in the jungles or just enjoy the cool weather by taking strolls and meeting people along the way.
  • Its entertainment all the way at Genting Highlands. There are theme parks for children, casino for adults, designer cafes and all that. Genting is very much a manufactured place that has a lot of modern facilities.

So, what is the verdict?

In general, both the highlands have a lot to offer but if you really need to choose, here’s what you should consider.

  • Genting Highlands – Offers you everything ‘under one roof’. Basically, you can get to all the attractions on foot. Come in, check in, and spend the whole day around the entertainment and parks that Genting has to offer. This can be quite an expensive affair.
  • Cameron Highlands – A place where you can ‘take your time’ and appreciate the best of nature, people and culture. Getting around might be challenging though as some places are located further from others. It is a however a cheaper vacation as compared to Genting Highlands.