Brinchang Square Cameron Highlands

brinchang square cameron-highlands

Located within the dynamic town of Brinchang in Cameron Highlands, Brinchang Square is a new development of commercial properties which would offer great return on investment. This is a very modern type of property unlike previous commercial property which were more isolated and standalone where it is more connected which is a lot more feasible, value-for-money and practical for both the customers and the property owners.

Brinchang Square is made up of 3 blocks of shop offices which comes in either 4 or 5 storey configurations. There is a sub-basement and is catered for businesses that like a contemporary outlook. The units in Brinchang Square would be best used for retail businesses on the ground floor that can be eateries, flower boutiques, fast food, side-walk cafes and such. Meanwhile, the upstairs would be most ideally suited for offices, cybercafés and restaurants. Alternatively, the entire block can be combined and used collectively as a boutique hotel, budget inn or a walk-up motel.

One of the best property investments in Cameron Highlands

Starting from RM1,800,000, Brinchang Square’s main attraction is its strategic location. Nestled within the town of Brinchang, it is located by the main road that connects the town with Tanah Rata on one end and the expressway to Simpang Pulai and Gua Musang on the other. This makes Brinchang Square extremely convenient and accessible.

In the central of Brinchang

Furthermore, Brinchang Square is built in the heart of the commercial area of Brinchang town in which there are hotels like the Star Regency Hotel just beside. The police station is across the road which provides a sense of safety. Mean while the Cameron Highlands Golf Course and the Cameron Highlands Resorts are both only a stone’s throw away which will attract a lot of visitors, vacationers here.

The modern configuration of Brinchang Square is very unique where there is a centre court plaza linked within an internal pedestrian area. This means that all the shoplots here are connected within the one-of-its-kind sheltered court where visitors can enjoy better convenience and access when visiting any of the units in Brinchang Square.

Shoplots with lift

This commercial lot is 22′ x 65′ in size with a gross built up of 5,091 square feet. There are in total 31 units of shoplots of either 2 or 3 storey versions which are built on the leasehold land for a 99 years period. Located outside Brinchang Square is a large open space which provides ample units of parking space for everyone visiting here. Please Whatsapp to 011-1108 8098 for rental.