Adventure activities (Jungle exploration)


There is nothing better than exploring the magnificent jungle in Cameron Highlands. You can spend days to explore the dense forests overlooking stunning scenery and gorgeous valleys. Below are some of the jungle trails in Cameron Highlands.

For adventurous trekkers, check out the rarely used trail beginning from the army living quarters at the northern peak of Mount Brinchang. It is best to register at the police station before you set out to explore this particular trail as some trekkers have gotten lost while walking along this path.

Another trail that starts from Sam Poh Tong Buddhist Temple joins with another trail mid-way. The trail that starts from Arcadia Cottage is quite popular among jungle trekkers as it is connected to plenty of paths all the way up to Mount Beremban.

Meanwhile, for jungle trekkers who are looking forward for a wonderful photo-taking sessions while exploring the dense jungle, take the Parit Waterfall trail. The trail is highly recommended to less experienced trekkers. And remember to bring along picnic lunch as there is a good spot located about 30 minutes from the Forestry Department. Another equally easy trail through the woodlands starts from MARDI and branches off at Arcadia Cottage but do continue on the same path up to Mount Beremban for more challenging and exciting trek.

Robinson Waterfall trail that requires about an hour to complete the whole route branches off to Boh Estate. You’ll definitely love this trail as the sound of cascading waterfall can be heard along the path.