Borneo Reef World

borneo reef world

The Borneo Reef World Pontoon is just 20 minutes away (by boat rides) from the Sabah Park Jetty.

This new Reef Activity Pontoon, called “Borneo Reef World“, is moored at a site in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off Pulau Gaya and is about 20 minutes boat ride on our modern luxury catamarans from Jesselton Point in Kota Kinabalu.

This location in all its splendour and enchanting beauty, its untouched reef, natural coral gardens, myriad species of fish and unique clear water is suitable for all sea sports activities such as diving, snorkelling or plain observing in our unique “Underwater Observatory“.

Either enjoy the natural coral from above on the Glass Bottom Boats or get up close and personal with the Sea-Walker. At the very outer edge of the ocean waters we provide an adrenalin pumping variety of sea sports activities suitable for all ages.

Our Reef Activity Pontoon is the largest in South East Asia and is equally modern as the ones operated at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It measures 37.5m length; 24.5m width; 11.8m height; and is built with high marine grade rust-proof aluminium.

The 2 level pontoon include our unique Underwater Observatory, carpeted walkways, sunbathing deck, freshwater showers, shaded seating areas, children’s pool and comfortable dining area. It also houses the 5 sea level platforms to launch the various water activities.

Your day cruise to the Borneo Reef World will begin with our luxury air conditioned Catamarans from Sabah Park Jetty, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The meals provided include a sumptuous buffet luncheon featuring fresh seafood, hot dishes, salads, refreshments. It is a day to truly lift your spirits and take you into a realm of nature’s finest beauty!

Brief highlights :

1.) Professional crew and service
2.) Huge buffet lunch a the rooftop Bar
3.) Spacious pontoon
4.) Ideal for families & non-swimmers
5.) All snorkelling equipment & expert instructions *Life jacket/Snorkel/Mask/Fin
6.) Morning and afternoon tea
7.) Underwater observatory
8.) Marine life touch tank
9.) Fast air-conditioned catamarans to Borneo Reef World
10.) Fish Feeding Presentations
11.) Fully enclosed kids pool – snorkelling equipment for kids is also available
12.) Fresh water shower and change room
13.) Itinerary and reef information leaflet

DYNAMIC HOLIDAYS CRUISE SDN BHD (675976-M) was formed on November 2003. The Company’s main objectives are:

  • Develop comprehensive marine tourism throughout Sabah while promotion Sabah to the international network with collaboration with related tourism industries.
  • To promote the Tungku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, and Sabah as a popular diving destination.
  • To provide education and certificate course for learner and beginner divers from domestic and international market and provide a change for them to discover the wonderful underwater world.
  • To encourage and implant a sense of environmental awareness towards the fragile marine life.

The company is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (License no. KKKP 4117) to operate diving and tour activities within Sabah.
Today the company has made its way up to become one of the leading and reliable dive operators in Sabah.

Our Main Core product will be the World Biggest Pontoon in Asia, which called the Borneo Reef World. Its is Situated in between Sapi Island and Gaya Island. At most of the times, We will be referred as the Brand name of Borneo Reef World (BRW)


At Borneo Reef World , we live by our principals that with affordability, professionalism and quality facilities, everyone can dive if they have the will. We believe enjoyable diving needs two elements to work together; safety and professionalism.

All our instructors have the necessary qualifications and years of experience and are very safety-conscious. Our crew is familiar with each dive spot and understands the conditions of both above and below water, and in different weathers. If a certain dive site is out of bounds, you can be sure we adhere strictly to such conditions.

Environmental Awareness

Not only do we practice safe diving, we respect the environment we are entering into. Marine conservation and the protection of our fragile eco-system is everyone’s business, yours and ours. For this reason and to ensure you get the best out of your dives, each dive group is kept small. For open water course, each group is limited to not more than four persons and for certified divers, groups are kept to no more than six, where possible.

Borneo Reef World Tour Packages

There are two packages on offer. The adult package is RM 200.00 and the children’s package is for RM 150.00. These tours are an integral part of your underwater world experience, and things to do in Kota Kinabalu. Our diving packages include a welcome drink, refreshments, a sumptuous buffet lunch, an educative platform to learn about fish, shower facilities and an underwater observatory tour. Snorkelling is also a part of the package, as well as free rental of masks, life jackets, snorkel and fins.

You are asked to deposit RM 100 which is entirely refundable. An additional RM 10.00 is for transferring you to Container hotel in Sapi Island.
This is the same container hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Things to do in Borneo Reef are the same for both adults and children, but there is a slight difference in pricing due to some water activities which are not available to children.

Day Tour Itinerary

The day tour starts at 9.30 in the morning, providing you with a variety of activities to invigorate you till 2.30 in the afternoon. Board a ferry to the Pontoon that are available at thirty minute intervals. With a brief introduction on the large variety of activities available, discover your interests.

Meanwhile, have some of the delicious refreshments provided to you. Let the fun begin at 10.30am as you hit the waters. At 12.30pm gather together for a truly lip smacking buffet lunch that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. After lunch, you could go on an optional tour of Sapi Island. At 2.00pm it’s time to say goodbye to the Borneo Reef World as you set to depart.

Exhilarating Activities at Borneo Reef World

Sea Walking

Discover the spectacular sea life by taking a walk on the wild side. One of the most unique underwater world experiences are offered to you with a vast array of water life swimming amidst you. This activity is for those who want to remain dry from your neck upwards and is definitely worth experiencing.


Diving and experiencing the underwater world is almost synonymous. Experience the depths of the beautiful blue waters. The diving activities are perfect for avid learners as well as professionals. With absolutely clear visibility, find the diving package best for you.

Jet Ski

This one’s for the brave heart. Get an adrenaline rush as you Jet Ski on the blue waters of Borneo Reef World.

Banana Boat

If speed is what you’re looking for, the intensely fast banana boats are just for you. Ride through the big waves until you’re splashed into the cool waters. The bright yellow banana boats are readily available once you enter the Borneo Reef World.


If you’re looking for a liberating experience, Parasailing is definitely for you. Experience breathtaking birds’ eye views of the beautiful terrain of Sabah. Don’t forget to say hello to the birds up there.


If you are keen on visiting the critters and mesmerizing variety of corals, put your suit right on and dive into the pristine blue waters of the island. You will be provided with a set of snorkel gear and memories to last a lifetime.


If you would like to stay above the waters, hop onto a bright kayak and let the cool breeze waters overwhelm your senses. This activity is for those who would like to experience the simple pleasures of life. There are a range of kayaks available on the island for you to choose from.

Underwater Observatory

Get a peep into the life of our friendly underwater creatures swimming in the colorful corals of the Pontoon. A yellow door brings you to the underwater world, letting your experience its own charm.

At Borneo Reef World, we celebrate recurring annual celebrations, as well as one-off events. We welcome special catering for corporates, or private parties.

Below are some events hosted at our pontoon.

Kids Scuba camp with approximately 30 people comprising of kids, teens and families flew from KL to KK.

Borneo Reef World and Kids Scuba Camp Program facilitated scuba walks and discover scuba diving for the new non-divers who also made it this trip.

Apart from the marine and underwater activities, the participants of this program also took part in the marine education, learning that mangroves play an important role in sustaining the marine ecosystem.

Miss Scuba is an annual pageant with a difference.

It is not solely a beauty or scuba diving competition but is a merging of the two disciplines to help raise awareness for marine conservation and celebrate the inner beauty of todays modern women.

The Miss Scuba International pageant was held since 2011.

We understand the integral role that corporate events play in enhancing brand recognition, generating leads, increasing customer loyalty and promoting employee retention.

Well executed events are powerful marketing opportunities to build relationships, create good will and set your company apart from the competition.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should let your high school student get involved in extracurricular activities, you definitely need to consider all the benefits that come along with these activities.

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful — not to mention happier and more fun to work with.

But establishing and developing those bonds can be tricky, especially when typical team building activities tend to induce more eye rolls among teammates than high-fives.

We provide team building programs to small teams to large corporates.


The PADI Open Water Diver Course, the beginning of your ocean exploration adventure! The full PADI Open Water Diver course involves self learning through PADI e-learning portal, and three days on our pontoon completing your confined skill sessions and open water dives. The PADI Open Water Diver Course is a simple and exciting course consisting of 3 Days with us here in Borneo Reef World, with the best marine life the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah has to offer.

Check out our special pricing when you book as a group. Learning to dive with family and friends is the best!

Begin exploring the underwater world

PADI Open Water License breakdown:

  • License Card ( no expiry FOREVER )
  • Ability to dive freely up to 18m depth
  • License can be used Worldwide, giving you a passport to explore the oceans of the world.
  • Knowledge Development (online, home study) to understand basic principles of scuba diving.
  • CW – Confined Water dives to learn basic scuba skills
  • OW – Open Water dives to review your skills and explore!

Why Dive with us?

Flexible Course schedule

Have a 9-5 job? Can’t obtain a 3-day leave? No worries! Here at Borneo Reef World we provide a flexible schedule to take your course part time! Chose either to take the course on the weekends each week, or take the course full time for 3 days straight, we are able to provide the perfect option for you.

All Inclusive ( One time fee )

  • Dive education pack (online e-learning) [ English, Malay, and Chinese]
  • Dive equipment and wetsuit rental
  • Boat transfers ( To and Fro Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal )
  • Boat dives
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Toilet and Shower facilities on board
  • Sabah Park fee and Jesselton Point Terminal fee included.

Course Itinerary -3 Days

Pre-Study Session

You’ll be given a link to eLearning website. There are 5 Chapters and you’ll required to do self-study. Final exam will be on Day 3 of the PADI Open Water Course.

Day 1 – PADI Open Water Diver Course

Meet our crew at Jesselton Point Jetty at 8.50am and depart to Pontoon and 9am. Please be on time, or early as we will depart sharp at 9am.Boat transfer will take ~20-25 minutes to your dive site in Pontoon.
9:30am – Your Padi Instructor will give a full safety briefing befire you start diving. You will then be given a 200m swim and 10 minutes float test.
10:00am – You’ll be taught to set up your own scuba gears and then proceed to your diving training session. You’ll complete confined skill session 1 during the morning training session.
11:30am-12noon – Enjoy buffet lunch in Pontoon.
~1:30pm – After lunch, Your PADI Instructor will give a dive briefing before you start your first Open Water Course dive. Set up your five gear and go for a 8m dive to see the coral reefs below Pontoon for about 30-50 minutes dive guided by your PADI Instructor.
2:30pm-3pm – After the dive, you’ll be taught to clean your scuba gears by your PADI Instructor. You’ll then be transferred back to Jesselton Point.

Day 2 – PADI Open Water Diver Course

Meet our crews at Jesselton Point Jetty at 8.50am and depart to Pontoon and 9am.
Morning Session – You will complete Coffined Water Training Sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5.
11:30am-12noon – Enjoy buffer lunch in Pontoon.
Afternoon Session – Continue PADI Open Water Dive 2. After the dive, you will transferred back to Jesselton Point at around 3pm.

Day 3 – PADI Open Water Diver Course

Meet our crews at Jesselton Point Jetty at 8.50am and depart to Pontoon and 9am.
Morning Session – You’ll complere your paper exam and proceed to complere Open Water Dive 3.
11.30am-12pm – Enjoy Buffet Lunch in Pontoon.
Afternoon Session – Continue your final qualifying dive, PADI Open Water Dive 4 and if all is well, congratulations you are now a certified PADI open water diver!