Uncle Sam Farm


The Uncle Sam Farm is a great place to visit if you like nature and looking for some vegetable farming attractions in Cameron Highlands. Known as the Taman Uncle Sam Farm, it is quite a unique venue where you can see the beautiful flowers here and how they are planted.

Top variety of flowers

It is around Cactus Point and just adjacent with a fresh market along the main road. There are a lot parking spaces available here while entrance to the farm is free of charge.

At the Uncle Sam Farm, there is a variety of flowers that are grown here. You will practically be dwelling among the fragrance of flowers and its related products. the farm is located not far from Brinchang town in Kea Farm. From Brinchang, it takes about 10 minutes by car. Around here, you can find other local attractions like the Butterfly Garden, the Bee Farm and many more.

The flowers that are produced here at Uncle Sam Farm comes in different colours and shapes. You can browse through the gallery of potted plants which are all for sale. If you need any advice on how to plant these flowers, the staff at the farm would be more than happy to assist you.

Offering local gardening tools and potted plants

Besides the plants, you can find a lot of other complementary products on sale as well. This includes fertilizers and gardening tools. You will find that Uncle Sam has quite a lot of pots and vases which are sold in different sizes too. Similarly, the staff will be able to assist you on which type of pots are required for the particular plant you intend to grow.

You will find that Uncle Sam Farm is constantly crowded with visitors. This is because there are a lot to see here while some just like to be in the midst of the flower fragrance that roam so freely. You will find many types of roses and carnations which are among the most popular choices. However, if you are looking for cactuses, the farm has quite a large variety as well.

One of the highlights of Uncle Sam Farm is the chilli pepper trees which is very unique here. In fact, these plants are quite scarce and not easy to find in other farms.