Cactus Point Cameron Highlands


When you travel to Cameron Highlands, chances are you will be here to visit the flower nurseries, tea plantations and vegetable farms. One of the very unique plant you will find here are cactuses. It is actually one of the highlights of your trip if you are looking for something different where Cameron is known for.

Widest variety of cactus

Cactus Point is one of the best places you can go to see how this plant is grown and perhaps take home with you. As the name implies, you will be able to find everything you need to know about cactus under one roof.

Cactus Point operates in Brinchang, one of the most prominent towns here. It can be reached via the main road that connects the main town centre where you can see the large signboard upon reaching the farm. From Brinchang, Cactus Point is located on the way towards Kea Farm.

Here, you will find at least hundreds of different cactuses. You will expect these plants to come in very unique sizes and shapes because unlike flowers, cactuses grow very differently. You can buy a plant and bring home with you from as low as RM2 while some which are more exotic will cost more.

The best way to get here is by car especially if you intend to buy some plants to take home with you. Entry to the farm is free of charge and it opens very early in the morning around 8.00am. Cactus Point is open throughout the day until 6.00pm when it starts to get dark.

There is a nursery operated by Cactus Point. There, you can browse the many items on display like souvenirs, crafts and other items. If you are looking for gardening items like pots, fertilizers and vases, they have quite a large variety here too. Meanwhile, take some time to visit the mini-exhibition where you can learn more about what this unique plant is all about, how is it grown and such.

After visiting the farm and wandering around, you could head out to the restaurant here where you can enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed tea or coffee or have some snacks.