Entertainment Centre & Karaoke


One thing for sure, you will never be lacking in entertainment when you visit Cameron Highlands. While you can always go out and visit the natural attractions around the highlands, some might choose to stay indoor to avoid the cold especially at nightfall. This is where you can visit the pubs and cafes or try your way of singing your hearts out at the many karaoke outlets around.

Karaoke outlets in Cameron Highlands

Seed of Relax Karaoke – Located in Tanah Rata, the Seed of Relax Karaoke is a modern outlet where you can enjoy singing sessions with your friends and family in a comfortable and cosy environment at affordable rates. Food and drinks are served and can be ordered as and when you require.

Rosa Passadena Karaoke – 
 This is a very unique place to sing out loud and is a very popular place among those who are staying at the Hotel Rosa Passadena in Brinchang. The karaoke facilities are provided at the Pines Restaurant and Karaoke where you will be entertained by the guests at the coffee house of the hotel. While you are dining, you can request for a song and go onto the stage and start singing.

Nova Karaoke – Located in Aranda Nova, you can book the karaoke rooms by the hour which comes with packages that include beverages and snacks. The rooms here are very comfortably designed where you can enjoy the sessions in the comfort of your own privacy.

Cameron Pubs & Bistro

Travellers Bistro – The Travellers Bistro & Pub is one of the most popular places where people hangout and unwind especially during the evenings. This is where you will find a lot of people drinking and enjoying the music while there are live football matches and great food as well.

Karaoke Cafe – A popular place for aspiring singers and those who just like to sing, this place offer affordable rates and beverages where you can sing your hearts out throughout the day.

Jungle Bar & Restaurant – This is decent pub which provides a variety of food and drinks to choose from. The ambience is very nice and is a great place for backpackers and travellers to unwind and relax after a long day out.