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Can’t find the software that meet your needs?
Business Quest has developed a range of customised software applications which are partially pre-designed to provide a particular core functionality, so that all that remains to be done is final adaptation to suit an individual customer’s exact requirements.In many cases such applications can be developed in a short timescale and can be adapted as the requirements of the project team change.
Benefits of Custom Software Development
Cost Reduction
Technology solutions offer cost savings by reducing resource requirements improving productivity and eliminating licensing fees. While a pre-written package may accomplish 70% of your needs, the last 30% may require human resources to manually accomplish the job. A custom written application can be developed to accomplish 100% of your needs.In addition, since you assist in the design of the application, it is developed specific to your business. This reduces training costs and improves productivity. When you purchase a pre-written software application, you purchase a software application license. You do not own the software, you simply have a limited license to use it. Our development services team gives you software applications you own. Since you own the product, you control the cost of development, upgrades, and support. The costs of licensing software, along with upgrades and support costs may be greater than developing your own application.
Competitive Advantage
As business gets more aggressive, the requirements for staying ahead of the competition also increase. One of the ways you can rise above your competition is to utilize custom software that is specifically tailored for your business. Because it is a “custom” application, you can be sure none of your competitors will have this edge.
Custom software solutions give you the greatest flexibility possible since the software product is tailored to your specifications and to the way you do business. You don’t get tied to a product that may be heading in a direction that you are not.
Software is a company asset that differentiates your company from your competitors and results in greater value.
We provide a wide range of fully customized and semi customized total business solution to a wide range of industries. Our list of semi customized products include but is not limited to the following: –
Symphony eTQM
Symphony eTQM is an integrated, comprehensive enterprise business solution designed specifically for made-to-order engineering and construction companies. It brings documentation, procurement, project planning, cost monitoring, project accounting, store and project analysis to the heart of your organization. Designed by industry veterans, Symphony eTQM is powerful and scalable and include project management tools such as RFI’sPurchase Order Change OrdersVariation OrdersBudgetsLogs, and more.Symphony eTQM is designed to closely matched the way your organization works – making it easy to learn and use by the end users. In turn, collective data across all projects are consolidated and performance reports are generated for those who need it the most for long-range planning – senior management.
Symphony eRetail
Symphony eRetail comprises of POSCRMInventory and Accounting Module for a wide range of retail business.

Point Of Sales (POS) Module
Tracks all sales – Helps to eliminate employee theft
Allows unlimited number of items per order
Allows unlimited number of payment type per order
Statistical reports so you can see how each item is selling!
Interfaces with cash drawers and receipt printers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module
Stores complete customer information and history
Flexible and user friendly search parameters
Birthday alert for customers
Keep payment status of customers
Assign customers to staff members
View detailed customer history
Create and track different customer types

Inventory Module
Full-featured inventory system with several product reports including inventory list, product detail and statistics decrements inventory when purchases are made.Also override default price of products

Accounting Module
A comprehensive accounting module that enables and facilitates viewing of account performance. Transactions are automatically posted into ledger thereby eliminating the need for reconciliation. Comprehensive drill-down from balance to detail provides a complete history and transactions.

Symphony Office Intranet
Full range of communication and publishing software within an organisation such as AnnouncementsBulletin BoardContact DirectoriesLibrary / Document ManagerPlannerExpense / Claim ManagementStaff MovementSporting and Activities.

Announcements keep everyone in your group up-to-date on the most critical information they need to get their job done.

Bulletin Board
Exchange important ideas and information with Discussion Forums.

Contact Directories
Store all your outside contacts and intranet member information in the Contact Directories application.

Library / Document Manager
The Document Manager allows you to share documents, files and other content within your company and with remote workers and business partners. Your authorized users have access to important files at any time, from anywhere.

The Planner allows you to keep track of your appointments, meetings, events, and leaves. Even your remote workers can stay connected and be as up to date as if they’re right in the same office.

Expense / Claim Management
The Expense Reports application provides a standard interactive form for employees to submit all work-related expenses for reimbursement. Customize the Expense Reports application to meet your company’s needs by defining expense categories, mileage reimbursement rate and chart of account.

Staff Movement
This module is used to enter new employees & changes to employees status i.e promoted, resigned or designated.

Sporting and Activities
This section is used to promote / highlight current and / or future sporting events and activities.

Symphony Human Resource
In addition to basic employee management, HR departments are increasingly expected to have a clear understanding of employees’ skills and competencies, and to identify gaps in the development of employees. Symphony HR provides the HR department with a complete HR solution including tools to manage all levels of the career cycle, employee communications and workflow using Self Service functions.It can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and industry. All fields in the centralized database can be included in your reports, ad hoc queries or used as selection filters. Flexibility is the guiding word behind this product suite, allowing you to pick required modules and semi customizing it to meet your needs and requirement.

Modules included in this software are Leave Application and ApprovalStaff TrainingStaff Loan and AdvancesStaff AppraisalStaff DisciplinaryPayroll and Staff Management.

Symphony eManufacturing
A scale down full blown ERP/MRP system to make it more user-freindly without compromising the features and much attractive cost.The modules included in this software are QuotationSales OrderShop Router / Production Master PlanProduction UpdatePurchasingInventoryShipping and Invoicing, and Bill of Material Control.


At BusinessQuest, we fully understand what you want as our main focal of interest is in the engineering and construction industry. Hence, our familiarity will ensure :-

a fast deployment period
a comprehensive model that is suited to your operations including additional features that you may have overlooked
advice you on some of the necessary features to ensure full flexibility of software and to cater to the requirement of your industry      which is fairly technical.

Due the above, you will end up with a software that is more complete and flexible than your requirements. All our software are developed on a web based environment, the environment of the near future. It can be accessed on the Internet and on the Intranet. Hence, it is fully equipped to cater to your current and future use without extensive reconstruction and deployment requirements.

All our software are part of a larger set of solutions – therefore allowing you the flexibility of future expansion – when and if required. We are different because: We are from the Engineering and Construction Industry: We understand your requirement.
Our Ready Solution: Delivered as a Semi-Customized Solution
Our Customized Solution: Choose only Modules you need
Our Software is Web-Based: Made for current and future use
Our Expandable: Unlimited versatility as your needs grow and change
With our wide range of readily developed software, we let you concentrate on your core competencies, while we focus on getting your requirements online, on time and within budget. Our softwares are designed to closely matched the way your industry works with option for further customization – dramatically reduces the implementation and development time and cost PLUS you will end up with a software that is more complete and flexible than your requirements. All our ready / semi customized softwares are ever-evolving – where we continually enhance the system, always looking for new innovative ways and technologies. These upgrades are then transferred to you ensuring you get the best from our products
Our well-organized and flexible development teams comprising seasoned project managers, senior software developers and meticulous quality programmers take pride in delivering what we promised on time and within budget. Pending on your requirements, make-to-order applications can range from full, complex and multi integrated discipline software to simple and straightforward point and click solutions or even simple data entry type forms.
We provide database conversion services so that your existing databases can work with our wide range of Symphony products. This alone may save you HOURS of data entry