Butterfly Farms in Cameron Highlands


There are a couple of prominent butterfly farms within Cameron Highlands. And if you happen to visit the highlands, remember to drop by Butterfly Farm located within walking distance from Kea Farm. Butterfly Farm is located right next to Butterfly Garden. So make sure you make the wise decision and pick Butterfly Garden!

Butterfly Garden has more than just butterflies because the owner took the initiative to diversify the business and appeal to visitors from all walks of life by having another zone displaying a wide variety of insects. Divided into two zones, visitors will first enter the butterfly live breeding zone. Of course, you’ll see plenty of butterflies including the renowned Rajah Brooke species. Take your time and have your camera ready to snap excellent photographs.

Jin Jin Steamboat restaurant

After checking out the butterfly zone, move to another section where visitors will see abundant of insects including red palm weevil, walking stick, green nymph, moving leaf, dead leaf mantis, horned frog, gecko, chameleon and many more. Pop in to the souvenir shop and take a look around thereafter. Other than the usual Cameron keepsake items, you’ll find framed butterflies available for sale here.

The farm is well-equipped with plenty of facilities for your convenience. Other than toilet and a cafeteria serving strawberry snacks, Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant is located within the vicinity. The ambience is good and diners can satisfy your cravings for Chinese cuisines as well as simmering steamboat. So on your next trip to Cameron Highlands, remember to pop in and check out this wonderful Butterfly Farm and dine at Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant.

Image credit: Ben and Sam

Butterfly Farm & Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant

43rd Miles,

39 100 Kea Farm

Tel: 05 – 496 1475