Vacation Villa Ringlet


When coming to Cameron Highlands, finding a suitable place to stay can be quite challenging since there are so many options to choose from. One of the ideal ones that you should consider is to stay at the Vacation Villa Ringlet. Unlike all the other accommodation choices in towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang, this place offers a spot away from the business and congestion as it is in Ringlet town.

The Vacation Villa is basically a simple, corner-lot unit which offers a homely and cosy place to stay in Cameron Highlands. If you are looking for a basic and comfortable accommodation during your visit here, the Vacation Villa could well be your ideal choice mainly because of its location and what it has to offer.

Boutique Homestay with unique decos

You will practically be staying away from the main town centres but not too far to be isolated from the convenience and public amenities. The Vacation Villa is an interesting and yet affordable place to stay the night in which you will enjoy the unique décor and design specially crafted and presented in every unit.

There are king or standard bed rooms available here while you can take walks around the vicinity that gives you a spectacular view of the mountains nearby. From Vacation Villa, you will reach the town of Tanah Rata within 10 minutes where public amenities like cafes, banks and food outlets awaits. From there, you can make further arrangements to the tourist attractions nearby like the waterfalls, the bee farms, flower nurseries and tea plantations, among others.

Vacation Villa Ringlet
No.50, Jalan ODP2,
Taman Orchid,
39200 Cameron Highlands