Ril’s Bangsar Casual fine dining

Casual fine dining and world class cocktails!

Ril’s welcomes you to dine in style for any occasion – a casual bite, a client visit, an evening with friends or an intimate date. Our ambiance is sure to charm you and yours.

Our spacious and elegant restaurant is open for lunch and dinner offering a classic and delicious fine dining menu

Ril’s Steaks

We source the best, most flavourful meat we can find, choose the juiciest and most tender cuts and cook them the best way we know how. Ril’s Steaks are seared at intensely high heat to produce the ultimate flavour, then finished in the oven for the perfect ‘doneness’ before being allowed to rest for a good while to allow the flavour to develop. Simple, succulent and ultimately satisfying.

Our Selection

Australian Ribeye Grass-fed, 300g/400g

Australian Angus Ribeye Grain-fed, 300g/400g

Australian Angus Sirloin Grain-fed, 300g/400g

Australian Tenderloin Grain-fed, 300g

Australian Wagyu Ribeye MB5, 300g/400g

To Share

Australian Wagyu OP Rib MB5, 1.2-1.6kg

Diamantina OP Rib, 1.2-1.6kg

Australian Porterhouse,1-1.5kg


Ril’s Roasted Garlic Jus

Bone Marrow Gravy

Anchovy Butter

Café de Paris


Innovation. Dedication. Perseverance. These are admirable traits in all walks of life, and especially so in hospitality. But the best trait in this life is being able to convey a story – a tale of magic, wonder, one that grips you tightly from start to finish. Our talented team would like to tell you their stories in the form of liquid refreshments – and one day, maybe you’ll be part of that story.

Then I’m Reminded of What I’ve seen, The Places I’ve Loved and The People I’ve Been – this is my journey.

Agave, Coconut, Lime, Honey and Raspberry Foam

A Tale Of Two Paddies
Irish Whiskey, Rice Wine, Peppered Potato, Ginger, House Buttermilk, Citrus

Late Night Munchies
Mamak Egg, Pisco, Calamansi Cordial, Bitters, Soy Sauce Air

V for Vegan
Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Aquafaba, Lavender, Bubbles

A Decade Drifting
Aged Rum, Port, Clove, Walnut, Cinnamon Smoke

Applejack, Apple Infused Vermouth, Apple Cider Shrub, Blue


My drinks are modernisations of the classics – proving you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Tequila, Blue, Lime, Truffle

Vodka, Cranberry, Orange, Mint, Lime

Wild Bird
Rum, Pandan, Coconut, Chocolate, Pineapple

Pisco, Acidic Vermouth, Spiced Ginger, Orange

Speyside, Suze, Pedro Ximenez, Walnut

Hello Vera
Cognac, Aloe Vera, Sherry, Lemon


These are for those who I’ve been lucky enough to meet and make a drink for – these are their stories.

Gin, Peach, Agave, Red Wine, Lime

Tattooed Heart
Gin, Apple, Assam Boi, Fernet, Lemon, Coriander

Bourbon, Mezcal, Corn, Lime, Beer

To A Friend
Rum, Amaro, Vermouth

Bourbon, Whiskey, Herbal Tonic, Cherry

Spirit Of Art
High Rye Whiskey, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lemon


We all have those ‘guilty pleasure’ drinks – the ones we know are questionable at best, but we still order because we like them – or because we like the names. We decided to have a bit of fun and experiment with refining them – you be the judge…

Phillips or Flat?
Orange Zest Vodka, Clarified Orange and Lemon Juice

Highway To Hell
Tequila, Mezcal, Herbal Tonic, Tonic

Brazen Ribena
Port, House Blue Alcopop

Georgia Peach

Peach Infused Bourbon, Mom’s Lemonade, Calamansi Cordial

Dining Menu


A carefully designed fusion of Asian flavours and classic concepts, focusing on quality and showcasing a delicate intensity of
flavour profile.

Sweet Potato and Corn Croquette
Deliciously crispy, served with a spicy beetroot compote and lemon crème fraiche, and topped with a fried quails egg

Charred Tomato Soup
With ginger cream

Lobster Bisque
Classic lobster bisque, rich and smooth

Tuna Tataki *
Slices of seared tuna with a velvety rich butter & soy reduction, served with candied cinnamon apple and a ginger chilli jam

Red Snapper Sashimi
Sashimi of red snapper with pink grapefruit, coriander & green chilli pesto, extra virgin olive oil and pink Himalayan rock salt

Prawn Cocktail
Classic 1970s with a twist, served chilled in a Martini glass on a bed of peppery greens, with Ril’s special Spicy Marie-Rose mayonnaise

Classic Steak Tartare
Parisian bistro style, freshly chopped fillet mignon with a piccalilli & mustard dressing

Ril’s Tiga Rasa Scallops *
Signature seared scallops served in three unique ways, moving from sweet to sour to salty

Seared Foie Gras *
With tempura pineapple, honey soy reduction and spiced cherry compote

Seared Foie Gras with soft poached egg and crispy beef bacon shards 64
Served on melba toast with truffle oil, smoky Lagavulin 16yr whisky jelly and red and green chilli jam



Green Goddess
Crisp baby romaine hearts served with a tangy and delicious anchovy-tarragon dressing

Iceberg Wedges
Classic steakhouse salad, served with a rich blue cheese dressing

Ril’s House Salad
A selection of fresh garden leaves and daily vegetables, served with our house dressing



Ril’s also offers a selection of speciality main courses for those
who feel like something a bit different.

Sticky Beef Short Rib *
Braised in soy and star anise with shitake mushrooms and ginger. Finished in the oven with a dark soy reduction and served with spiced orange segments, bok choi and creamy mashed potato overflowing with gravy

Ril’s Whole Baked Fish
Served with cherry tomatoes, baby new potatoes and fresh basil

Lamb Shank Pie *
A rich and unctuous lamb stew braised in Guinness for six hours and served with root vegetables and barley

Seared Tuna Steak
Served with fresh greens and a light lemon cream. Please specify how you would like your steak cooked

Crispy Pan-Seared Chicken Casserole *
Succulent chicken leg stewed in white wine for hours till meltingly tender, then shallow fried till crisp and golden. Served with its own jus on a sweet potato pancake with braised spinach

Truffled Mac & Cheese
Rich, golden and decadently creamy with a deliciously crispy top. Add lobster tails for a tasty finish

Big Boy Mac ‘n Cheese
The Ril’s classic with a twist, layered with slow braised beef, rich cream and tasty gravy

Bone Marrow Burger
Bone Marrow burger with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion & roasted garlic puree, served with purple slaw, chunky chips & gravy

Bone Marrow Burger Royale (with Foie Gras)



Creamed Spinach
Sautéed Spinach with Garlic
Steamed French Beans
Ril’s Salad
Tomato and Red Onion Salad
Whole Roasted Garlic Heads
Sautéed Mushrooms in Butter
Double-Baked Potato Royale * available classic or truffled
Mashed Potato
Homemade Shoestring Fries
Chunky Skin-on Steak Fries
Roasted Red Onions
Crispy Leeks *
Onion Rings
Roasted Sweet Potato



Apple Crumble 
With vanilla ice cream and hibiscus jam 

Mango Ginger Cheesecake * 
With spiced mango chutney and lemongrass crème Anglais

The Last Polka Ice cream
Fabulous boutique ice cream, handmade in KL

Chocolate Fondant *
With the Last Polka Salted Gula Melaka ice cream

Eton Mess Royale *
With hibiscus jam and a crème de framboise reduction

Raspberry and Plum Crumble
Topped with lemon cream and drizzled with golden syrup