Millesime Private Kitchen, Extraordinary French Cuisine

Millesime private kitchen takes you on a culinary adventure every time you step through their door. Forget the conventional ala carte menu, forget agonizing over what to order. Just sit back and enjoy what their Chef has prepared for the day, with only the best, most natural and freshest seasonal ingredients, both local and abroad.

By the way, Millesime means ‘Vintage’ or ‘Good Harvest” in French.

Chef Max Chin brings a fresh new approach to the tables at Millesime by going ‘off menu’. Embracing the ‘private kitchen’ concept, he whips out delicious French influenced cuisine based on the freshest and best seasonal ingredients available.


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Max Chin has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, working as Executive Chef with various five-star hotels in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. In 2008 he opened Max! Kitchen and Wines Restaurant, and was listed in the Miele Guide’s ‘Asia Top 200 Restaurants’. In 2009 he moved the restaurant to a larger location and changed the name to Max @iHaus Western Dining, Wines & Events. In the same year, the restaurant made the Miele Guide’s ‘Asia Top 200 Restaurants’, was nominated by KL Time Out Magazine as the ‘Best Contemporary Restaurant 2009’ and Max Chin was also nominated by the magazine as the ‘Best Chef of the Year 2009’.

“Millesime is my private kitchen, and you are my guest. You will eat whatever I cook for you, but don’t worry, for I will only serve you with the best dishes prepared with the best ingredients!”

Millesime’s Wine Lunch

Scottish Smoked Salmon with Celeriac Salad

Prosecco Frizzante-Conte Neri NV


Humboldt Asparagus, Crab Meat and Keta Caviar

Prosecco Frizzante-Conte Neri NV


Dual of Chicken of Smoked and Roulade

Roquefort Cheese and Spinach Ravioli

Prosecco Frizzante-Conte Neri NV



Lamb Loin Tranches, Lentil and Mint Jus

Leconfield Tide Lines Shiraz


Pot pourri of Seasonal Fruit and Berries, Mango Sherbet

Freshly Brewed Coffee or Flavored Tea

RM 120 Nett per person

Inclusive of Wines

Reservations recommended

Enjoy Chateau Lafite Rothschild by the Glass

Enjoy Chateau Lafite Rothschild by the glass at Millesime, currently dubbed the most sought after wine in the world. Millesime is believed to be the FIRST restaurant in the region to serve all the 5 famed first growths of Bordeaux. Also available by the glass is the undisputed king of sweet wines, Chateau d’Yquem, famed for gracing the tables of royalty.