Meiko Hotel Cameron Highlands


When visiting Cameron Highlands from other towns and cities, you will come towards the town of Tanah Rata which is where the express buses will stop. This is where the Freesia Bus Terminal is located which is where you can get around most of Cameron Highlands and other towns. In Tanah Rata, you will find a lot of public amenities like banks and eateries.

Along the main road here at Jalan Besar, you will surely not miss the Meiko Hotel and Souvenir Shop. This is because it has a pink-coloured signage which is bright enough to attract anyone walking pass the premises which is along the main shophouses of the town centre.

Rooms in Meiko Hotel

The Meiko Hotel is a great place to stay if you are looking for an affordable and convenient location with good and peaceful night stay. At Meiko Hotel, there are several choices of rooms here that include the Standard Double and Standard Triple units respectively available at very affordable rates. All the rooms here come with some of the best facilities and services that include free Internet access from the comfort of the respective units.

Besides that, there are sufficient parking spaces along the doorsteps of the shops aligned with the hotel. Within the rooms, you will enjoy either shared or private bathrooms with hot shower facilities. The rooms are designed using high-quality wooden flooring and flat-screen television with Astro channels for entertainment which are all provided as standard while you are within a short walking distance to the cafes and the Orang Asli Village, among many other attractions and tourist spots.

Meiko Hotel and Souvenir Shop
41, Jalan Besar,
39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands,