La Maison Club KL


Attracting a younger set of patrons-

Upstairs are numerous private rooms and bars.

A jeweled crest of gold gazes upon a courtyard paved in stone. A pair of magnificent beasts perches silently on either side of an entrance, beckoning world-weary souls in search of refuge.

A liveried footman welcomes guests the moment they arrive with an offering of an elegant mask. With it is an invitation to step beyond the administrations of the world and into the embrace of beauty. @Maison provides the complete nightclub experience- with a cavernous main room and imposing DJ’s booth, and stunning lighting effects.

For the masks that are worn recreate the world as a scintillating mysterious land where its inhabitants dwell in true beauty of all expressions – diversity and individuality, passion and style.

The songs and dances that surround it speak of rapture free from the bonds of repression. The sights and scents of flirtatious courtship perfume the air with delightful anticipation as the masks feast in a banquet of the fruits of life from the harvest of infinite possibilities.

Welcome to Maison, home to the masks and portal to the divine.

From clubbers to loungers, to those who simply crave a gleeful frolic, this is the space where a wide spectrum of people, each distinct in their own way, come together to a single beat.

@Maison is an impressive nightclub taking up a complete row of 5 restored shophouses in a small street adjacent to Asian Heritage Row.

The stunning heritage façade of Maison captures the essence and beauty of art in all its splendor. From the courtyard to the dance floor, glow bars and lounges, Maison is an exquisite contrast of textural highs and lows, masculine and feminine, hard and soft.

Ethnic woven sofas are juxtaposed with pearlescent beads while a majestic chandelier gazes over a cement floor to create an ambience that is both cutting edge yet timeless.