Galleria Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands


Galleria Time Tunnel is one of a kind memorabilia museum found only in Cameron Highlands. Instead of displaying the usual items with historical values, visitors will find plenty of antiques in Malaysia that bring you a sense of nostalgia. As you walk into the building, visitors will find more than 1,000 artifacts on display that took the owner quite some time to collect it. And if you know nothing about Cameron Highlands, this Time Tunnel Museum is one of the best and must-visit places because you can learn a lot about the discovery of tea plantations in the highlands.

Photographs of Tanah Rata and Brinchang

Besides that you’ll see for yourself photographs of Tanah Rata and Brinchang in the olden days. In addition, visitors will find a section with various photographs depicting Jim Thompson and his mysterious disappearance in the highlands. Although one might find the layout and structure of the building simple, you’ll still linger in the museum for quite some time because the paraphernalia reminds you of your childhood. It gives you a sense of belonging. Among some of the highlights in the museum are Orang Asli and Merdeka sections. Old toys, kitchen utensils and signboards found in the olden days are displayed everywhere throughout the museum. This museum is highly recommended to those who appreciate antiques and paraphernalia items. Since the museum first opened its doors not long ago, more than 50,000 visitors have taken the walk down Time Tunnel. Those who are born between 50s and 80s, you’ll enjoy your time here looking around familiar items.

Antiques & Memorabilia

Ideally located somewhere near Multicrops Central Market, motorists can spot the museum from afar as there are plenty of signboards to direct you to the site. Time Tunnel, Jalan Sungai Burong, 39 100 Brinchang.
Entrance Fee:
Adult: RM5
Child: RM3
Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm

Time Tunnel cafe

The owner of Time Tunnel Cafe, Mr & Mrs. Khoo want you to know that something big is happening in Cameron Highlands. The couple recently opened the cafe around September 2010 to make you the best food possible not just through careful preparation but also meticulous in terms of ingredients selection. The cafe is located only a short drive from Multicrops Central Market.

Passionate about food

There are a few reasons why you should visit the cafe the owners are passionate about food and they want diners to share their passion. According to Mr. Khoo, they opened the cafe to show the diners some of the best strawberry snacks in the highlands. Commitment to strawberries helped the couple to elevate their creativity. With that creativity, they came up with a new recipe; strawberry ice-cream cake. Ice-cream and strawberry go hand-in-hand. I believed that everyone would love the strawberry ice-cream cake here. This is one of a kind available only in Time Tunnel Cafe. Just imagine the yummy and delicious strawberry ice-cream melts in your mouth and the soft taste of the cake is purely pleasure.

Strawberry flavoured coffee

The aromatic strawberry-flavoured coffee is the must-try beverage particularly among coffee lovers. With the finest coffee flavourings and fresh strawberries, a freshly brewed cup of strawberry-flavoured coffee brings you the best possible taste. While many other cafes around Cameron Highlands have been getting good reviews year after year, this newly-opened Time Tunnel Cafe definitely deserved some good comments. The owners stressed that the trick to being able to offer the best strawberry cheese cake and strawberry ice cream cake is to select the best raw materials and prepare the food meticulously.

Strawberry jam & butter toast

Other must try good food served in the cafe are strawberry jam & butter toast with fresh strawberry, strawberry cheese toast and strawberry lassi. Discover Time Tunnel Cafe revolution and satisfy your taste buds. Have a cup of strawberry-flavoured coffee and a piece of strawberry ice-cream cake, it should be fun!
Address of Time Tunnel Cafe:
Jalan Sungai Burong,
39 100 Brinchang.
(right beside Time Tunnel)
Location Map of Time Tunnel

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