Cameron Highlands Camping Guide

Camping in Cameron Highlands has never been so fun – you can expect beautiful rolling hills and stunning jungle trails along the dense forest. There are two wonderful camping sites in Cameron Highlands which are the Sungai Pauh Camp site and another one at the peak of Brinchang Mount. You can locate the Sungai Pauh Camp easily as it is located at the Forestry Department. Since the department is located right behind the captivating golf course, you can expect magnificent scenery set amidst a gorgeous valley.

To get to the Forestry Department, take a turn from the main road at Smokehouse or perhaps, you can also drive around the golf course. Then, you’ll notice a junction branching off to All Souls Church and Ken Slim. Turn to the road leading to the church and Forestry Department is just slightly further ahead of the church. Those with vehicles can enter the department’s compound because the ample parking space allows visitors to park their vehicles there.

As you embark your journey further into the forest, there are two jungle trails – a challenging one and an easier one. For less experienced trekkers, it is advised to trek along Parit Trail while those who are up for an adventurous experience can take the other trail, Path 6 and it’ll lead you all the way to Mount Beremban. Path 6 is connected to the camping site directly which is located about 200 metres from the Forestry Department.

During low season, public can simply set up your tent and the rangers will come around to collect RM3 per person. After paying off the ranger, you can spend as long as you want here because the fee collected is per camping session basis.

Cameron campingDuring peak season, you have to book in advance by calling the Forestry Department. The camp site offers power supply at RM10 per night. Therefore, you can bring along your portable radio, kettle and other electrical appliances and use it while spending the night staring at the sky watching the stars.

Meanwhile, Sungai Pauh Camp Site is also another convenient place for campers because the site offers several facilities  such as bathroom and barbeque facility. Thus, this camp site is the perfect place for group travelers to organize simple bbq party or gathering with family and friends. For those who are looking for a challenging spot, head over to a site in Mount Brinchang. The site here is free for all as there are no water, power supply and even bathroom facilities. But this camping site is recommended for adventurous hikers and campers if you are looking forward for a wonderful experience overlooking the stunning scenery.

There is also another camping site at the bottom of Cameron Highlands located approximately 13 kilometres from Tapah town. Known as Kuala Woh Recreational Forest, campers can expect plenty of fun activities here because there is a suspended bridge that allows you to enjoy the captivating view surrounding the canopy. For those who would like to try  camping out in the open, perhaps you should try setting up tents here first at Kuala Who because it can get extremely cold from late evenings until early mornings. So if you can stand camping at the lowlands, then you are ready for other sites in  Mount Brinchang! Please only camp in Gunung Brinchang if you have male companions.