Cameron Jaya Apartments

Affordable and Low-Cost Accommodation

The Cameron Jaya apartments would surely be one of your most ideal options if you are seeking a place that is peaceful and convenient.

This, of course, would be a place where you don’t need to overspend but you will have enough options to have an enjoyable stay where there is a lot of food around or you can even choose to cook your own meals. Alternatively, you can even enjoy the local food cooked by the homestay operators themselves.

Strategic Location

Cameron Jaya has a large collection of different units available for rent. You can come here either for a short or long term stay as it has a very nice ambiance to it. The surroundings are quite nice where you are not far away from the town centers.

Its location is very strategic in that Cameron Jaya is located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. This means that you can easily traverse between the two major towns here without much hassle. To get to Cameron Jaya, all you need is to get to Jalan Tengkolok which circles around the apartments.

Homestay available

Once you get here, you can enjoy a wide range of apartment units that are available for rent. Most of the units here are homestay which are either operated by agents or by the homeowners themselves. What you get when you spend your holiday at the Cameron Jaya Homestays is that you will enjoy a taste of the local lifestyle.

In fact, you get very cozy homes with basic amenities. Furthermore, you are not far from the local attractions here. Getting around is easy as ride-sharing services are easily available. On top of that, taxi services are available as well.