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Travelling to Cameron Highlands or planning a trip here? Get all the resources and information you need beforehand here. Download an easy-to-understand and aesthetically pleasing map which can guide you through the roads and streets around Cameron or you can read about when the best time to visit.

Browse through all the information provided here like tips on what to bring and where to go as well as the best places for food and restaurants while finding out how to get here and getting around all the major places around Cameron Highlands that include the townships and all the available amenities here.

Cameron Maps

Here, you can download a specially designed and complete map of Cameron Highlands. This pictorial guide covers all the major towns of Cameron Highlands like Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Ringlet as well as the attractions located around the main roads.

The map is designed to give you easy-to-understand route information that covers all of Cameron Highlands. Download the map or you can view it from your smartphones.

Cameron Highlands Online & Print Map

Cameron Holiday Season Guide

This section is a must-read if you are planning a trip to Cameron Highlands in the near future. This is where you will read about what to expect when you come here which covers the traffic situation around the major towns, the commercial places and most importantly, the weather and what you type of clothing you should bring with you especially among those who cannot stand the chills of the highlands.

This season guide allows you to plan your journey better and how to avoid the peak and super peak seasons when the traffic congestion can be quite heavy.

No regret for reading our Season Guide

Getting There

Whether you are coming to Cameron Highlands by bus or self-drive, this township is very well connected through the many expressways that come from major towns like Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and many others. The rates and fares for public transportation like buses are posted here for your reference and convenience.

Comprehensive Cameron Transport Guide

Homestay Options

This section explains all the available options of homestay in Cameron Highlands. If you are coming here to enjoy the cool weather and the attractions while learning more about the local culture, then the homestay option would be ideal. You can stay in a typical village home with the local family and enjoy the local cuisine, all within an affordable rate.

Best Homestay Reviews

Taxi Booking Service

Getting around in Cameron Highlands can be extremely easy and convenient. You can either head towards the taxi stand or use the booking services.

This section provides all the information you need about the taxi operators around Cameron Highlands which are provided at economical and practical prices. Just call them and you will be picked up at the designated place.

Travel Tips

To learn about where to go and what to do when you go around Cameron Highlands, check out the information here. There are tips that are very useful when planning your journey. Read about the best time to come to Cameron Highlands, how to overcome the weather, places of interests, food and restaurants and many more.

Steamboat Food Restaurant Guide

Steamboat in Cameron Highlands is one of the highlights in terms of food attractions. Nothing beats an enjoyable meal of soup and fresh vegetables with seafood amidst the cool weather of Cameron Highlands.

Learn more about how this food is enjoyed by the local residents and tourists and which the best places to go for this dish are.

Local Halal and Malaysian Food

Banks in Cameron Highlands

If you are visiting Cameron Highlands and are concerned if there are any ATMs or banking services here, check this section out. All the banks that operate around the towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang are explained in detail here. This includes the operating hours, the available services and contact information like address and telephone number.

Enjoy beautiful scenery with beautiful weather

Where is the best place to enjoy cool climate and learn a little about tea making process in Malaysia? Cameron Highlands is the place for you to immerge in cool temperatures less than 25 °C while getting information on tea making process from three major tea plantations in the country – Boh Tea Plantation, Sungai Palas Tea Plantation and Cameron Valley Tea Plantation.

Boh produces about 4 million kilograms of tea annually which accounts up to 70 percent of all tea produced in the country.

Visitors can also check out Cameron Valley Tea Plantation which is situated along the main road from Ringlet to Tanah Rata. This is an ideal and great spot to snap some pictures as the plantation offers scenic view.

Cameron Highlands Geographical Facts

Before you plan your trip itinerary to Cameron Highlands, here are some facts you need to know about the place. The smallest district in Pahang, Cameron Highlands is the second most famous tourist destinations in Malaysia after Genting Highlands. But as the largest and most famous hill resort in the country, it is surrounded by lush greenery hills and vegetables and fruits farms. The town managed to preserve much of the appeal as an English village.

Cameron Highlands comprises four main townships namely Brinchang, Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Kampung Raja. Holiday makers can choose from a wide range of inexpensive as well as luxury hotels and resorts in Cameron Highlands. Most of the hotels are located in Tanah Rata town – Hotel De’ La Ferns, Casa De’ La Rosa, Century Pines Resort and The Lakehouse. For backpackers who would like to stay in chalets and guest houses, check out Fathers Guest House, Bala’s Chalet, Jurina Lodge and Twin Pines.

Cameron Highlands major Townships

In Cameron Highlands, there are a few major townships which have their own unique elements and attractions. This includes Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Brinchang as well as the likes of Kea Farm and others. Read about them, what makes them so popular and what are the available services, amenities and attractions within these places.

Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Ringlet and other towns

Cameron Farms and Markets

If you plan to stay a few days in Cameron Highlands, you can visit other attractions such as Strawberry Farms, Vegetable Farms, Time Tunnel Gallery, Flower Nurseries, Butterfly Centres and Honeybee Farms.

Take a guided tour around Strawberry Farm as visitors are allowed to pluck the fruits and charge according to the weight. Unlike any other places in Malaysia, you can purchase home made strawberry jam at a relatively low price. Some of the popular farms in Cameron Highlands include Big Red Strawberry Farm, Kasimani’s Strawberry Farm, KHM Strawberry Farm and Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm.

Meanwhile, you may talk a walk down the memory lane and get first-hand information of Cameron Highlands’ history from Time Tunnel Gallery. Visitors can take a peek at the photographs from the past since pre-war times.

You will experience something rare in butterfly centres as visitors get an opportunity to see the butterflies in the open around the plant-filled garden. There are two famous butterfly farms in Cameron Highlands which are located in Kea Farm area. Lastly on your trip itinerary, remember to visit any of the three famous honeybee farms – Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Highland Honey Bee Farm or Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm.

Cuti Cuti Malaysia

Hotel Reservation Tips

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Semua maklumat hotel hotel di Cameron Highland Malaysia yang kami sajikan melalui laman web ini kami kumpulkan dari tapak booking hotel dalam talian terbesar Agoda.com.

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Jadi pada intinya, kami di sini hanya menginformasikan senarai hotel hotel yang ada di Cameron Highland Malaysia, terutama untuk lokasi hotel dan harga kamarnya.

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