Cameron Highlands Towns to explore

The famous towns in Cameron Highlands are Brinchang, Tanah Rata and Ringlet. Among the 3, Ringlet would be the least popular. If you are coming in from Tapah (self-drive or by bus), you will touch down at Ringlet first and within the next 10 minutes, you would reach Tanah Rata. If you are coming from the opposite direction heading in from Ipoh, you would reach Kampung Raja first. Along with the smaller towns here are Tringkap, Kea Farm and Kuala Terla, all of which have their own set of attractions and unique characteristics.

Taman Sedia Cameron

If you are coming to Cameron Highlands for a quick getaway and is looking for a place to stay which is not too far away

Towns to explore

PR1MA Homes in Cameron Highlands

Under the PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Project), the people of Cameron Highlands will now be able to enjoy more affordable properties. Construction of 2,000 low-cost

Towns to explore

Peony Square Cameron Highlands

Peony Square offers a modern day living property in Cameron Highlands. Located in Mukim Ulu Telom, Peony Square is built in Kuala Terla, one of

cameron centrum
Towns to explore

Cameron Centrum

The Cameron Centrum is touted as the biggest mixed development project in Cameron Highlands. Built and developed by one of the top property developers in

Towns to explore

Tringkap Cameron Highlands

Tringkap is one of the many towns located around Cameron Highlands. It is located towards the northern region of Cameron Highlands which is closer to

Brinchang Cameron Highlands
Towns to explore

Cameron Highlands Brinchang Town

Brinchang is definitely one of the main tourist towns in the cool mountains. You’ll see abundant of hotels in shop lots, steamboat restaurants serving buffet

Brinchang Cameron Highlands
Towns to explore

Cameron Townships

Amidst the greenery and serene farms and nurseries are three main townships that outline the landscape of Cameron Highlands known as Brinchang, Ringlet and Tanah

Towns to explore

Kea Farm Cameron Highlands

Situated somewhere nearby the Equatorial Hotel, Kea Farm is always busy all-year round. Kea Farm is one of the major reasons that caused massive jam

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